Hyatt Regency Chennai’s new high tea menu rolls out tiffin favourites alongside Colonial club staples   

We recommend the Eggs Kejriwal,  the Samosa 3 Ways and the Apple Strudel tea

Sonali Shenoy Published :  25th November 2022 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  25th November 2022 07:00 AM

Eggs Kejriwal

Eggs Kejriwal to Fish & Chips — there is much to explore as part of Hyatt Regency Chennai’s new high tea menu. So much so, that we decided to skip lunch to do this tasting justice. The ambience at the plush Lobby Lounge with green landscaping amidst the hotel’s sun-filled atrium really elevates the experience as well, as a white three tiered trolley makes its way to our table with the likes of Cucumber and Cheese finger sandwiches, Wild Mushroom Vol-au-vent, éclairs and fruit tarts. All bite-sized and perfect for a late afternoon snack. This curated selection is a taste of a Classic English Hi Tea, but you could also opt for a desi variant which swaps the English sandwiches for chicken tikka, the puff pastry for mutton kheema samosas and the éclairs for baked gulab jamun.


Classic English Hi Tea

Oolong time, no see!
We keep our taste buds away from this syrupy indulgence though, so the gentle flavours of the varied teas on display are not lost. Expect options like a classic Oolong or we recommend the Apple Strudel flavour — warm and comforting on a rainy day. As we sip, chef de cuisine Senthil P makes it a point to mention, “India has a rich legacy of food inspired by omnipresent clubs from the British times as well as tiffin, so we have both on our menu.” We find ourselves sampling the latter with the Samosa 3 Ways — fillings include fried onions, aloo mattar and our personal favourite, a sweet coconut. Dip into the tangy Imli chutney for just the right accompaniment. If you’re in the mood for something more filling, larger plates like the Chicken a la Kiev and Vegetable Au Gratin are also on offer. 


Samosa 3 ways

Eggs-it plan
We opt for Mumbai’s fancy street-inspired Eggs Kejriwal which delivers a sunny side up on a toasted pav bun. It was missing that hit of green chilli but hey — runny yolk, cheese and toast... life doesn’t get much better. 

Curated high tea menu at INR 999. Tiffin and Colonial style dishes at INR 395 upwards. 4 pm onwards.