Brunch it up on Sunday with coastal delights at Taj Coromandel! 

From fiery fish curries to delectable coconut-based gravies, your taste buds are in for a treat this weekend
Brunch it up on Sunday with coastal delights at Taj Coromandel! 

If you love the aromas and flavours of coastal cuisine, then the Sunday brunch at Anise is for you! This contemporary all-day-dining restaurant at Taj Coromandel invites you to embark on a culinary voyage along the enchanting Indian coastline with a delightful buffet. The talented chefs have curated an extensive spread that showcases the coastal culinary treasures from Goa, Kerala, Maharashtra, and many more.

From fiery fish curries to aromatic rice dishes and delectable coconut-based gravies, the buffet on  August 20 presents a mesmerizing array of coastal delicacies that will transport you to the sandy shores of India. Vegetarian guests can relish fragrant vegetable stews, lentil curries and coconut-infused vegetable biryanis that showcase the true essence of coastal vegetarian fare. End this delectable coastal journey on a sweet note with a selection of irresistible desserts - from the luscious mango desserts of Maharashtra to the enjoyable payasams of Kerala.

On August 20. At Anise, Taj Coromandel. INR 3,000 all-inclusive.

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