New Chennai diner offers 18 varieties of sauces to delight your taste buds

This diner at Anna Nagar dishes out some healthy and flavourful fare, with some tempting sauces for company
The interiors of Jiggys
The interiors of Jiggys

Move over elaborate delicacies on thalis, it’s time for some variegated sauces to make a beeline for lunch. We are talking about 18 varieties of sauces that adorn a plate. The menu at the newly launched Jiggy’s diner has a flavourful punch to all its delicacies, courtesy of its myriad varieties of sauces. As we sampled and savoured the many dips, it seemed like an explosion of flavours on our taste buds — strong, mild, tangy, spicy, sweet — name it, and you have it!

Sample this: Cheese sauce, chiptotle mayo, garlic ranch, honey mustard, mango habanero sauce, spicy garlic mayo, tandoori mayo, plain mayo, mint mayo, pesto, Guntur hot sauce, and tomato ketchup, to name a few.

Loaded veggie bowl
Loaded veggie bowl

Those in Anna Nagar who are looking for some quick post-workout grub or a healthy, wholesome snack or meal, this cosy diner, with a seating capacity of 30, is located right at your neck of the woods. Our pick for a healthy bite was the Rice bowl, a substantial meal in itself. A moreish miscellany of pan-fried paneer, colourful bell peppers, jalapeno, red beans served in a bowl, chipotle sauce, and pico de gallo on a drizzle of hot sauce, this one quite consumed our hearts.

And thanks to the fiery sauce squad, which adds constrasting but complementary flavours to the meal, the delicacies here are a party for the palates.

Take for instance the Loaded taco chips, which is a veggie-packed appetiser comprising grated cheese, iceberg lettuce, jalapeno, melted cheese, Mexican bean, salsa, sour cream, and sweet corn. It had a slight tangy touch to it and we couldn’t stop with a bite. The Special masala fries arrived next, and they were packed with cheese sauce and grated cheese. The hot sauce, jalapeno and funky spices, gave the fries a nice zing.

We also dipped our hands into the Popcorn nuggets, the vegetarian version of the crunchy, breaded and deep fried balls. Though the accompaniment Hot Guntur sauce seems like peas in a pod, meat lovers may find this a tad bland to their liking.

Then arrived the Burwich, a fusion of burger and sandwich, packed with various condiments and sauces, Bombay chatpata, chiptotle paneer, crispy mushroom and loaded veggies, along with Korean pizza, loaded with cherry tomatoes, chipotle sauce for smoky flavour, eggplant, gochujang sauce, mushroom, onion, and sweet corn. While the Burwich passes muster, the pizza is best had hot off the oven and has some surprises in store. We quite liked the latter.

We culminated the meal with some Kaala khatta mojito, a refreshing drink on a hot day when the sun is beating down in all its fiery glory.

Meal for two: INR 400 onwards.

12 pm to 1 am. At Anna Nagar.


The interiors of Jiggys
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