Vegetable momos
Vegetable momos

Enjoy a scrumptious Sunday Brunch at this picturesque hotel on the ECR

The bonus is that the spread is vast, with over 150 dishes on offer!

Sundays are to unwind and relax and to go a bit easy on the strict diet comprising healthy food. A perfect day then to indulge in an assortment of food without giving much attention to the calorie intake.

Vegetable momos
Southern infusion

We were invited to try the new Sunday Brunch at The Reef, and since it involved a long drive as well, we grabbed our keys and headed there.

The spread was vast and by vast, we mean, over 150 dishes. From an array of breads, soups, appetisers, mains and desserts, there were options to satisfy every type of diner.

Want some momos? Suit yourself. Want rice with rasam? There's that too and for those with a sweet tooth, there were no less than 25 desserts which looked very inviting.

For us, among the highlights were the Mixed Vegetable Momos. We quite liked the way they tasted, and thankfully, the raw vegetable flavour, which is found in some momos, was not here, for the vegetables were well-cooked.

Right next to the Momos were the Maki Rolls. There were different varieties of them on offer, but we tried California Maki Rolls which contained imitation crab and cucumber. We liked them very much, but did wish that the chefs had used real crab instead.

Za'atar spiced chicken
Za'atar spiced chicken

There were several chicken-based dishes at the brunch. One dish that stood above the rest was the Za'atar Spiced Chicken. We found the meat to be succulent and jus elevated the flavour of the chicken further. It went well with the biriyani that was on offer too.

Similarly, the Malaysian Chicken Curry also seemed to be a hit among the diners. Many were combining it with rice, some even with biriyani, and the vibrant flavours of the curry simply made us want to eat more of it.

Tenderloin stroganoff
Tenderloin stroganoff

The chefs had even made Thai Vegetable Green Curry for guests who might want to try Southeast Asian food. While there were the usual Sambhar, Rasam, and other South Indian dishes on offer, we moved on to the desserts.

Ras malai was one of the many desserts that we tried, and it was simply done to perfection. Then we opted for the Chocolate Caramel Brownie, a dish that looked as good as it tasted. The brownie was rich and creamy, with some nuts added to the mix.

Vegetable momos
Savour traditional Ladakhi cuisine at this pop-up in town

Of course, there were other options, including Coconut Jamun, Malai Almond Crunch, Milk Choco Caramel, and crème brûlée, too. We came away quite impressed with the food that was offered, and we could see that other diners felt the same.

INR 2,749++ per person. 12.30-3 pm. At Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa.

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