Chennai’s Pandan Club is a modern Peranakan dining establishment

The fine diner introduces a memorable culinary junket as it combines gourmet elements with low-key yet, fashion-forward backdrops
Chic interiors of the restaurant
Chic interiors of the restaurant

Established to glorify Peranakan culture, Pandan Club draws inspiration from the influence of 18th-century Chinese settlers in the Malay region, resulting in a fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian, and Chinese dishes. Key to its stylistic culinary identity is the versatile pandan, imparting grassy vanilla notes and coconut undertones to the food.

The menu encompasses traditional Peranakan dishes, incorporating ingredients such as pandan leaves, buah keluak, and candlenut, while also featuring street food favourites from Singapore and Malaysia.

But, here’s something more. The menu highlights signature dishes like Buah Keluak, Kueh Pie Tee, Pongteh and Chap Chye. The restaurant maintains an equitable balance between vegetarian and meat-based options.

Pandan Club was acknowledged for its excellence and received the Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Menu at the 30BestBarsIndia 2023. The speciality drinks, such as Little Nyonya and Holy Berry, are meticulously crafted to complement the robust status of the dishes.

Regarding design and sustainability, spanning 3,500 sq. ft., the diner’s set reflects Peranakan history, featuring handmade ceramic tiles, Rattan frame partitions, and vibrant decor elements from Singapore.

The establishment incorporates sustainable practices, minimising plastic use by opting for alternatives like high-quality paper straws and cardboard coasters. Furthermore, it offers versatile seating options, including an open kitchen, a recognised ‘cosy corner,’ and a separate private dining area. 

Meal for two ₹1,800 onwards. At T Nagar, Chennai. 

X: @PaulChokita

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