Navroz special: Celebrate this Parsi New Year with a traditional Bhonu at Della Resort

Whether you’re celebrating Navroz with the family or simply want a taste of this unforgettable Parsi Bhonu, plan a trip down to Parsi Dhaba at Della Resorts
Parasi Menu
Parasi Menu

Parsi New Year, which falls on August 16 this year, is the time to celebrate new beginnings surrounded by the ones you love. This year, celebrate this happy occasion at Parsi Dhaba — Della Resorts, Lonavala, with an authentic Parsi bhonu, guaranteed to whet your appetite.

The Parsi bhonu is a traditional Parsi meal, usually served at weddings. It is served on a banana leaf, which is filled with a variety of delicious dishes. The delicacy is served at Della Resorts’ in-house restaurant, Parsi Dhaba, throughout the year. A tastefully-appointed space, Parsi Dhaba is renowned for its authentic Parsi fare, offering everything from dhansak to salli boti. The restaurant has an elegantly designed indoor section with high ceilings, as well as a gorgeous outdoor dining space surrounded by lush green lawns, ideal for family gatherings. In addition, it offers great music with a great meal. Every afternoon, the restaurant comes to life with a live Sufi session, while evenings are reserved for melodious flute performances.

While you enjoy the music, tuck into your bhonu, which will feature authentic Parsi fare such as Patrani Macchi, Salli Margi, Bharuchi Akoori, Mutton Pulao with Dal and Lagan Nu Custard, among other offerings, served on a banana leaf.

Priced at Rs.2,400++

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