Andhra shredded pork to ramen cutlets: Walk around Nungambakkam to get unique bites like never before

We lead you a bit off-track from the commercial hub, along a food trail that is dotted with eclectic eateries. 

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Meat sliders at Pizza Deli

Nungambakkam might have plenty of usual suspects for eating joints, but we lead you a bit off-track from the commercial hub, along a food trail that is dotted with eclectic eateries. With Loyola College bang in the middle of this area, we find ourselves exploring Sterling Road to Mahalingapuram. Here are some new spots worth checking out.

Ramen cutlets?
Sterling Road’s very own quaint Crisp Café has launched new additions to their menu, with the likes of Magic Masala Crusted Chicken, Green Chicken Lasagna Sandwich, Fiery Meatballs and Ramen Cutlets with a decadent Milo Cake for dessert. Get innovative, as you sit down and start with the fusion of a mildly-spiced ramen, crumb-fried into delicious cutlets, as you build an appetite for the spicy chilli-coated bite-sized meatballs. Starts at Rs 180 per dish. 10 am onwards. Details: 2825-2829.

Ramen Cutlets at Crisp Cafe

Pork paradise
Pork lovers need no reminder about Oink’s delectable Pork Ribs and the classic Chilly Pork. However, owners and friends, Shanthala T Medappa and Rohini Chandrakumar have taken it up a few notches with their all-new Pork Kaathi Roll, stuffed with generous amounts of meat, making it a meal in itself. Another addition is the Andhra Shredded Pork, an instant favourite, and is even keto-friendly, we are told. 12.30 pm - 9 pm. Rs 250 onwards. Details: 73584-15430.  

Andhra Shredded Pork at Oink

Just roll with it
Situated on the turn opposite Loyola College, The Brown Bread Co is a 200 sq ft bakery, which serves all kinds of freshly baked goods. Owned by fitness enthusiast and Ignite101’s Prasad Raj, they have a fresh 600 gm Keto Bread, made naturally from almond flour for Rs 1,200! However, they also have sourdough and rye bread. Their chicken tarts, chocolate rolls, beef steaks are quite popular, not just here but at The Vault and Off The Record as well. While the chicken tarts are loaded with shredded chicken, the chocolate rolls are sticky and delicious. 7.30 am onwards. Rs 15 - Rs 1,200. Details: 99621-26336.

Cakes at The Brown Bread Co.

Cookie Jar
Hyderabad’s famous Karachi Bakery which opened last week,  finds its place opposite Thirsty Crow in a invitingly large 1,700 sq feet space. With the likes of Osmania biscuits, Rose Short Bread biscuits on offer at the counter, it also has an extended 30-seater cafe to dine at. Try a loaded creamy Signature Vegan Sandwich or a eight-slice thin crust cheesy Sicilian pizza. The Chocolate Cashew biscuits and the Sindhi Nankhatais are to die for, among other signature freshly baked goodies. Rs 80 - Rs 500. Details: 93840-30246.

Fruit Biscuits at Karachi Bakery

Buns away!
Being the perfect cosy diner, Pizza Deli has expanded and will serve meat sliders in chicken and pork. Popular for their pizzas and sandwiches, these treats are a complete delight, if diners are craving burgers, but can’t eat an entire serving. The mildly spiced minced meat patty is simply packed between two fresh buns, with caramelised onions and jalapenos, and served in a group of three — they can be interchanged too. 10.30 am onwards. Dine at Rs 250. Details: 4214-1516.

Pork Sliders at Pizza Deli

Piece of cake
While we do know about the signature, handcrafted cakes and their choco truffle, Cafe Cakebee is now hosting a Sunday Bake Sale for all its patrons in the city. The menu has a variety of breads and bakery specials like olive and cheddar loaf, cherry loaf and even sweet coconut buns. However, the crisp classic sourdough bread, chocolate brownie tarts and the sweet Red Velvet croissants are the much sought-after favourites here. 9 am onwards. Details: 95780-31113.

Sourdough bread at Cafe Cakebee