Origin, the new bar down ECR, boasts exotic and refreshing cocktails this summer

Located in the Green Meadows resort down East Coast Road, the property is under new management and now has a swanky new bar in their premises that offers delicious starters and exotic cocktails.
XL Pina Colada
XL Pina Colada

Origin, the new bar down ECR did'nt get that name by accident. The 'gin' in the name is a clear nod to the comeback of the spirit that had in the past slipped down to a brunch option. Now back in trend with tonics and whatnots, the watering hole at Green Meadows has caught the movement and stocked their menu with an exciting range of martinis, negronis and other refreshing signature cocktails. Here, we shine the spotlight on six of our favourite concoctions:

Bigger the better

A signature offering from Origin, their XL Pina Colada is - yes, extra large! A variation of the classic Pina Coloda, the Extra Large version is made with ingredients like Banana, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Cream, Lemon Juice, homemade Pandan Tinchers, and combinations of dark Rum and white Rum and served on a custom-made brass pineapple glass. INR 700

Tea anyone?

This one is delicate and fragrant, definitely for the discerning palate. The foamy head adds a festive touch. The Earl Grey Caviar Martini is their unique mix that is a perfect blend of Earl grey tea, elderflower concoction and vodka ,balanced with lemon, apple juice, simple syrup, orange liqueur, Early grey caviar and build with Earl grey foam. INR 650

Vanilla sky

Sweet and refreshing the Wellington is vanilla-infused vodka has a burst of citrusy flavours. Expect freshly muddled cucumber, Orange Liqueur, apple juice, and lemon juice shaken well and served over ice in a tall glass. INR 650

Let's be-gin!

This one is for the purists who will agree that nothing can beat the classic Negroni. Combinations of gin, homemade vermouth and Campari, makes this a well balanced drink that makes for a great thirst quencher. Garnished with a citrus slice, this one demands a repeat order. INR 650

Curry some flavour

Their take on this classic mexican delight, made with resort sourced curry leaves, lime, Cuban white rum, built up over crushed ice and topped with carbonated water gets that extra punch of flavour thanks to the garnish of dehydrated lime, curry leaves and mint. INR 550

Tropical paradise

With gins trending, this Grapefruit & Coconut Tonic is made with Hendricks, fresh grape fruit juice, tender coconut caviar, and garnished with toasted coconut slivers and slice of fresh grapefruit. A perfect coastal drink - it has all the promise of a perfect tropical holiday! INR 600

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