Enjoy the perfect thin crust pizza or a sinful scoop of tender coconut ice-cream at Bellyfull Resto Café

The new sprawling café on Venkataswamy Road in RS Puram turns out to be a pleasant surprise if you judged it based on its modest entrance

author_img Janani Sampath Published :  02nd August 2019 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  02nd August 2019 06:00 AM


It is not every day that you have the good fortune of stumbling upon a café that’s spacious, holds live screenings of matches, and serves great food at the same time. Luckily for us, we found the perfect combination at the Bellyfull Resto Café.

Soul space
The new sprawling café on Venkataswamy Road in RS Puram turns out to be a pleasant surprise if you judged it based on its modest entrance. Once you walk through the narrow gate, you suddenly find yourself in a spacious area with high ceilings and refined interiors. Done up in rustic tones of brown and grey, the place looks fabulous with sophisticated white walls and contemporary furniture and can seat 50 diners.

Breads and brews
We find the usual suspects on the menu—sandwiches, burgers and pizzas, accompanied by hot brews and milkshakes. AL Ramanathan, a partner, tells us that Bellyfull builds on the concept of The ThickShake Factory. “Although we started with shakes that were a big hit, we decided to introduce food into our menu,” says Ramanathan. 

Testing the taste-buds
We began the meal with the carrot and orange soup that tasted as interesting as it sounds. The mild soup made from pureed carrots has a beautiful edge to it when combined with the sourness of the orange. For starters, we opted for the Jamaican Jerk fries that pair well with the tartar sauce. 

Culinary comfort
When asked what their bestseller was, Ramanathan quickly recommended their pizzas and we decided to give the paneer tikka pizza a go. The thin crust pizza was topped a lot of herbs, tender cubes of spice-rubbed paneer and a generous dose of mozzarella. The saltiness from the melted cheese hits you with a burst of flavours of tomato, garlic and olive oil. And, don’t forget the pasta variants, which are a must-try! We had a portion of penne in white sauce and were left wanting for more. The generous serving of creamy pasta is served with garlic bread and is tossed with ample greens. The silkiness of the sauce, the smooth texture of the pasta, and the visually appealing presentation made sure the pasta was a winner.

Sugar rush
After a round of quick bites, if you are too full for a milkshake, opt for their hot lemon tea which aids in digestion. Do not miss their tender coconut slice as well. The creamy sweet treat is the perfect way to wrap up a meal. 

Approximately Rs 200 for two.