Get a healthy kick with Drunken Monkey’s new People’s Choice Smoothies and Bowls

The mutri-rich smoothies work as post-workout drinks, meal replacements, and aid in hydration.

Priyamvada Rana Published :  02nd December 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  02nd December 2022 12:00 AM
Watermelon Lime Drizzle

Watermelon Lime Drizzle

Who doesn't love smoothies? The delectably creamy dense drink is not just a burst of flavours, but is a prime choice one can make to stay in the pink of health. We made one such pick with Drunken Monkey’s newly launched People’s Choice Smoothies. To begin with, we sampled the Nutcase Smoothie. The decadent drink was full of nutri-rich nuts and fruits like figs, almonds, cashews and mashed dates that made us go nuts over the taste. The thick smoothie had over 10% dairy that moistened the nuts and diluted the taste of dates. It surely made us have a hearty start to our day!

Nutcase Smoothie

Given that smoothies are also great meal replacements, we thought to go for a quick breakfast replacement— the Cereal and Malt Meal Smoothie. As we opened the bottle and gulped, we could feel the goodness of finely blended apples, bananas, granola, muesli, cereals, malt cashew and almonds. It gave us an instant rush of energy powered by the right mixture of cereals, fruits and nuts. What we loved additionally while relishing the taste was that the smoothies had natural colours, no added sugar and preservatives. That was enough to ensure that we can go ahead sipping more.

Cereal and Malt Smoothie

After having the milk smoothies, we thought of trying some fruit punch. We went for the Watermelon Lime Drizzle that had the sweet taste of watermelon blended with lime and a hint of mint. Thanks to the citrusy sweet smoothie, it helped us flush out the day’s toxins. However, we felt it’s more suitable for summer given the cooler ingredients can keep one hydrated all day long. Next up on our table was the Popeye Smoothie.

The Popeye Smoothie

Fans of the cartoon show Popeye must be aware of the character’s love for green leafy vegetable — spinach — that boosted him with instant strength. This smoothie was all about getting invigorated for the day. It had a fine blend of iron-rich spinach, sour green grapes, mellowed-down notes of cucumber, a squeeze of lime tinged with the coolness of mint and high-protein chia seeds. We gulped a few sips and felt it was great as a post-workout drink.

Smoothie Bowls

Since we were full, we could not try their new smoothie bowls. Next time, we’re sure to dig into the delectably creamy and equally healthy Dry Fruit Smoothie Bowl, Chocolate and Love Smoothie Bowl and more.

Rs. 139 upwards. Available online and at several outlets in Hyderabad.
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