Hyderabad's house of flavours Casa D’ Rasa brings handcrafted Indian, Continental and freshly baked delights

The bistro promises great flavours along with a cosy indoor and al-fresco dining space.

Priyamvada Rana Published :  16th December 2022 03:24 PM   |   Published :   |  16th December 2022 03:24 PM


Rasa is at the heart of Indian dietetics. Gourmands can tell how the most scrumptious food dishes of the country are conceived with a unique combination of six key rasas, namely madhura (sweet), lavana (salty), katu (pungent), tikta (bitter), kasaya (astringent) and amla (sour). We indulged into a symphony of luxurious culinary treats at the newly opened bistro Casa D’ Rasa that translates to such house of flavours. The moment we entered the bistro on a cloudy afternoon, its white facade emblazoned with a striking cursive font and minimalist interiors welcomed us into serene outdoor seating. However, we went for the indoor seating to save us from untimely winter drizzle. We comforted ourselves at a cosy corner and noticed that the 50-seater indoor space had biophilic design structure with plantscaping done at the centre. The space also has an open kitchen and baking kitchen in the premises.

The bistro

Crispy start
Just as our eyes were soaking in the visual relief, a plate of Cheesy Jalapeno Poppers arrived. The in-house cheese mixed with shredded jalapeno was covered in panko and deep fried. The fingerlicious starter, slightly on a filling side, was a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon in crispy indulgence! A must recommend.


Cheesy Jalapeno Poppers

Gorging on gourmet
We scoured through some epicurean options and ticked the must have — the Lucy Juicy Burger. Expect flavours of fresh sliced veggies, crispy potato chips, cheese-stuffed lamb patty, chef's secret in-house sauces and multi-grain buns to satisfy your healthy gourmet cravings. Along with it, we nibbled some crispy fries and lettuce for that extra crunch.

Jucy Lucy Burger

Next, we took a deep dive along the Mangalorean waters and ordered the famous Ghee Roast Prawns from the coastal region. The tiger prawns roasted with Indian masalas were in semi-gravy making them a suitable match for rice. They were tossed with ghee and garnished with curry leaves. It surely served Mangalore on our plate filled with nutty flavour of coconut and tanginess of spices.

Ghee Roast Prawns

Mousse and mochas
What makes a dessert a bon vivant’s favourite? Dollops or fillings of cream! Our sugar rush had us tasting the Banoufee Choux. Similar to Banoufee Pie, this sweet delight stood apart for its caramelised white chocolate ganache layered with liquid cheese cake batter that melted into our mouth in a jiffy. It also got full marks on presentation with caramelised banana and vanilla creme topping. We took a spoonful until the last bite of this soft mousseline transported us into decadence.

Banoufee Choux

On cue, came the Hazlenut Rocher. Chocolate lovers will undeniably crush on it for its caramel and gianduja praline encased in a roasted hazlenut mousse. What more? A crunchy French fruelline centre surely made it a close runner for the sweet spot, but the Hazlenut Rocher was a clear winner for its moist and creme-laden taste.After the mousse desserts, we didn’t want to bid adieu to this experience without grabbing a coffee. Our table was soon served the cold brew Iced Latte. The caffeine hit us on a different level gifting us memories to cherish, of sitting in a warm bistro on a December evening.

Iced Latte

Rs.1,600 for two. At Madhapur. 
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