With creative and innovative concepts put into cocktails and mocktails, Hyderabad pubs are upping their game

What’s brewing? 

author_img Express News Service Published :  30th July 2022 04:32 PM   |   Published :   |  30th July 2022 04:32 PM
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Crafting a brewery is surely a talent and no doubt, our city has some of the best mixologists who have the knack to make even those that are not fans, want to give it a try!  With creative and innovative concepts put into some of your mocktails and cocktails, breweries are also adopting different concepts to bring in the best into every drinks made for you. Now imagine a drink with a hint of pre-mixed mocktail drum — doesn’t it take your drink another notch higher? Introducing this concept of machine brewery is Voila, Jubilee Hills and BlockBuster Beer in the city. 

Rohit Sharma, the mixologist at Voila, explains  how a mocktail drum has made it easy for him to make drink in the most creative way. “We call this a tap tail where you have a pre-mix chiller that gives you chilled cocktail and mocktail. The cocktail in this machine, called Tropical Highball, has a flavour like no other. We have two other flavours that can be brewed with the help of this machine,” he tells CE. 

They also have a unique concept of cocktails that come in interesting flavours and names. “We make our signature and classic cocktails using a proper procedure of the pre-mix in the tap tail machine, and then add in the required liquor. We have smoky cocktails which can be made by adding flavour to the smoke. We also have the Bubble Blast cocktail that is made with a mix of several refreshing ingredients. For the teetotallers, we have curated a specific menu that has the soda brew, nut culture, soul sister (made out of jack fruit), etc.,” says he. After procuring the pre-mixed mocktail, Rohit adds to it his touch and mixes the right amount of alcohol to make the drink that is tailor made for you! 

Sharing how it works at American Brew Crafts’ BlockBuster Beer, Nagendra Tayi, CEO of the brew craft, says, “The idea came to us when we were in a popular watering hole in Delhi. The first few pints always are at the optimal temperature. The temperature of beer then gets higher and higher with continuous use of the draught machine. The machine is built in a factory with parts sourced from across the country. With this, the beer temperature can be controlled by the bartender as and when the rush hour kicks in. Every pint can be served at the most optimal temperature. The pub gets whole other benefits apart from customer satisfaction, including the quantity of beer left.”