Maize and Beans offers vegetarian continental eats along with specialty coffees

The menu featured several continental eats with an emphasis on Mexican, maize-based dishes complementing the coffees

author_img Jagruthi Maddela Published :  23rd June 2023 05:15 PM   |   Published :   |  23rd June 2023 05:15 PM
Summer Salad

Summer Salad

We walked into the newly launched Maize and Beans on a balmy summer evening and took a seat at the café’s interiors to escape the rising temperatures outdoors.

After perusing the menu that contained a plethora of continental eats, we quickly ordered in a couple of salads. A Tossed Salad came first, with mixed vegetables and bell peppers tossed in a tangy vinaigrette dressing. The simple yet flavourful dressing on the veggies made it a delightful salad to munch on. We also called for the Summer Salad made from juicy watermelon balls and cheese tossed in a salt and pepper dressing. Accompanied by mint and herb infused water, the cold salads were a refreshing start to the meal.

Tossed salad

The menu featured several continental eats with an emphasis on Mexican, maize-based dishes complementing the coffees, and hence was given the name ‘Maize and Beans’ alluding to the country’s staple food. An expansion of the traditional Indian restaurant Gaurang ’s Kitchen, the café and bistro aims to serve world cuisine. “We have earned a name by serving traditionally rooted, authentic food of various states at Gaurang’s Kitchen. Likewise, we serve the authentic cuisine of countries across the globe at the café,” says Meet Shah, Founder of Maize and Beans.

Pesto Stuffed Bread

For Appetisers, we took a pick from several open toasts and called for the Pesto Stuffed Bread. The platter arrived soon after, and we binged on the cheesy toast, baked just enough to melt the cheese spread on top of a refreshing pesto sauce. A generous portion of side salad cut through the cheese keeping the appetiser light.

We picked the Whiskey Barrel Aged Pour Over from the coffee menu. The medium roast brew was smokey, smooth and easy on the palate minus the bitterness. The coffee was great on its own without any sweeteners. “Whiskey Barrel Aging takes around three months or longer, where coffee is stored in a used barrel of whiskey for months. Eventually, the flavours get incorporated rendering the coffee its taste,” explained Meet while we enjoyed the iced beverage. For Mains, we tried the Paneer Jerk Rice, a Caribbean-Indian fusion dish. The platter contained flavourful rice, with grilled chunks of Paneer in mint and coriander sauce, grilled veggies and mashed potatoes. While the sauce was slightly over salted, the rice was supremely flavourful, and the side dishes were equally satisfying. The team hopes to launch a bakehouse featuring continental desserts in the near future.

Rs 2,700 for two.

At Jubilee Hills