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Courteney Cox shares her recipe for a three vegetables one protein meal

How to make Courteney Cox's protein packed lunch salad recipe 

The recipe by the actress is based on a dish which she had at a restaurant 

Published on 11th August 2022
Salad special

Four places to enjoy healthy salads in Mumbai this monsoon

If you are looking for a quick, scrumptious, yet nutrient-packed meal near your place then we have listed out some of the best places to enjoy refreshing salads

Published on 27th June 2022
Chef Varun Totlani of Masque restaurant.

Recipe: Chef Varun Totlani’s Phalsa sorbet with fresh Kokum salad

After a day spent gallivanting around hot and humid Mumbai, ordering Varun Totlani’s Cactus-Cucumber Salad at Masque is a piece of cool heaven

Published on 26th June 2022
Seven places where you can indulge in refreshing salads in Chennai

From Basil with a Twist to Pumpkin Tales, here are seven places in Chennai where you can explore refreshing salads

For all the salad lovers in Chennai, here are our recommendations

Published on 23rd June 2022
Kiwi Camembert Salad at Aujasya by The Leela

The Leela Palace explores holistic fine dining with its new Aujasya wellness programme

The special menu boasts wholesome and well-balanced dishes that combines the modern and the traditional

Published on 10th June 2022
Ice apple summer salad

Recipe: Chef Shivneet Pohoja of ITC Kohenur shares a salad recipe perfect for summers

Check out the recipe here...

Published on 27th May 2022

Recipe: Try this wholesome Sushi Salad with Tofu and Brown Rice by Pallavi Khaitan

Sushi Salad With Tofu & Brown Rice makes for a toothsome treat

Published on 4th March 2022

Chennai-based Butterheads introduces healthy bowls and a brand new deli menu

From salad bowls and hummus platters to dips and smoothies, the offerings at Butterheads are unique and delicious

Published on 25th February 2022

Chennai-based Toss by Coffee? offers healthy salads that boast taste and a gourmet twist

Toss by Coffee? Since 1999 is all about the delectable crunch and freshness of a healthy salad. With nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables and meats in the mix, the dressings offer that extra something!

Published on 21st January 2022
The year of having it all

The year of having it all 

What does ‘having it all’ mean? For some of us, it could mean the nine-to-five job of our dreams and a wagging tail to come home to.

Published on 12th January 2022
Picture Credits: Unsplash
All for arugula

All for arugula

Even without these yesteryear uses, the quietly fancy arugula can still offer many nutritional benefits, says dietitian Meenakshi Bajaj

Published on 24th November 2021
Poached Fish with Pumpkin and House salad
New Salads at Nolita

Going beyond pizza: Chennai's Nolita expands its menu to feature new salads and pastas

Nolita, known for its delicious and affordable pizzas, has now expanded its menu with three new salads and two new pastas

Published on 19th November 2021

Easy four-step paneer salad recipe by G.O.D Cafe in Mumbai

Try this A2 Paneer Salad which is easy-to-make and is high in protein

Published on 13th July 2021

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