Review: The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace's Prego has a new menu and here's why you should try it right now

The new menu is all about hearty Italian fare made with organically sourced ingredients.

A Harini Prasad Published :  25th October 2019 01:00 AM   |   Published :   |  25th October 2019 01:00 AM

Risotto Al Riso Nero E Mascarone

If you are on a quest to try the best Italian restaurants in the city, a stop at The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace’s Prego is a must. The fine-dining outlet is known for getting its staples right, while also providing a variety of options. Even better reason to drop by now is their new menu. We make our way to the plush hotel on a Wednesday afternoon to sample the same. Ushering us in, executive chef Mahesh Padala says, “Instead of choosing one particular part of Italy, we decided to choose the best of the cuisine. The categories are the same — risotto, pasta and pizza, among others. There are a few classics, a few dishes with a modern twist  in the recipe and a couple of signature ones that we don’t want to miss.”

Blissful burrata
We begin with a burrata — Carciofo, Battuto Di Pomodoro, Olive Taggaische, Pinoli E Cuore Di Burrata Doi Buffalo Al Tartu. With its soft centre of thick, slow-oozing filling, the antipasti is paired well with tangy tomato tartare and black truffles. Cheesy, salty and fresh — all in a mouthful.

The thin slices of Signature Garlic Bread, next dish on the table, make it look more like a pizza. The moment you take a bite of it, however, you know it’s the crispy accompaniment. We wash it down with subtly flavoured and refreshing Bino Spirtz (red wine, rum, orange juice, cointreau, a slice of orange and clove) — a part of the new wine-based cocktails launched at the bar. As for the food menu, it sticks to well-loved Italian dishes. A handful of meat, seafood and vegetarian options across the sections.

Garlic Bread

With sustainability and healthy lifestyle being the buzz words, we learn that the restaurant too is trying to add to the movement by sourcing organic produce and opting for more nutritious options. Everything from pasta and bread to sauces is made fresh in-house every day. “We want to bring authentic and fresh food to the table for the customer. While we get tomato grouper (fish) from Pondicherry, we go all the way to Belgium for other international ingredients for dishes like gnocchi,” Mahesh shares, as a bowl of Gnocchi and Four Cheese makes its way to the table. With a walnut topping, the creamy four cheese sauce blankets the soft gnocchi — making you feel like you’re in cheese heaven!

Gnocchi and Four Cheese

In crust, we trust 
After the overload of cheese — which we honestly loved — we move to the comforting Risotto Al Riso Nero E Mascarone. Made of black rice and low-fat cream, this one is for the health-conscious folks. Next up is Pollo Piccante — with tomato, bell pepper, jalapeno and grilled chicken topping, this pizza is for the ones who are not up for experimentation, but do love their cheese. “All the pizzas are now made from a new dough recipe. There’s also a range of seafood options newly introduced,” the Vizag-born chef says. If you’re looking for something filling, we suggest you call dibs on the succulent Pork Ribs!

Time for tiramisu
No Italian meal is complete without Tiramisu. So we finish the last slice of pizza and immediately move on to the dessert. A hunk of mascarpone and Savoiardi cookies (Italian sponge biscuits) all soaked in espresso — we polish it off, before digging into the Parmigiano Reggiano Gelato. The unique roasted parmesan ice cream is delicious with just the right amount of salty cheese flavour. Both the desserts are a hit and we suggest you save some space for them. 

Price for two: Rs.2,500.