Review: The King of Fruits, in its raw and ripe forms, turned up in innovative avatars at Farzi Cafe Hyderabad’s Mango Fiesta

The four-course menu offers salads, tapas, main course, desserts all loaded with the goodness of Mango.

Manju Latha Kalanidhi Published :  17th May 2019 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  17th May 2019 06:00 AM
Farzi Cafe Hyderabad’s Mango Fiesta

Tawa Chicken Koshimbir

Farzi Café, the modern Indian bistro in Jubilee Hills, believes that everything can be Farzi-fied, or given their signature touch, and this time, it’s the turn of the mango to experience this. As part of their month-long Mango Fiesta celebrating all the flavours and colours of the fruit in all its forms, the humble mango went beyond donning the predictable avatars such as aam ras and Alphonso ice cream. Mango popsicle with falooda, anyone?

The four-course menu offers salads, tapas, main course, desserts all loaded with the goodness of Mango. From salads, guests can choose — Green mango and Papaya salad or Tawa Chicken mango Koshimbir. The first was a crunchy one made of local grated mango and papaya with salt and garlic flavour, with cherry tomatoes and peanuts for a garnish — light and simple. The Koshimbir, made of soaked and softened moong dal with shredded chicken, and raw mango with a cheese crisp for the visual appeal reminded me of salads served during festivals, minus the chicken of course. This was quite filling and in fact, very generous portion for a salad. 

The tapas, with two veg and four non-veg options, included Ginger and Aam Papad Prawns. For seafood loving Hyderabadis, this prawn delicacy made with ginger and aam papad (viscous mango pulp sundried to form a soft sweet layer that can be used in cooking) in a spicy gravy was an amazing combo. The veggies, however, have to be content with the local Ghee podi baby idlis with raw mango and cashew nut masala. Prawns over baby idlis, any day. Frankly, the tapas was so filling, I almost wanted to go straight across the dessert, until Chef Kuldeep told me he had Andhra Fish curry with raw mango and coconut steamed rice lined up in the main course. The fish came stacked on a mound of coconut rice like an island in a river of thick mango curry gravy. I actually felt tears of joy roll down my cheeks as the tanginess and spice of the gravy met the tender fish in a winning combination.  For the veggies, it is simple mango dal. But the thick delicacy was so tasty (it always is, when the chef manages to get the right amount of tang in it) no one complained.

The Mango and white chocolate Popsicle with fresh mango falooda drizzled on it was indeed a great coming together of the very Western and very Hyderabadi desserts. Interestingly, the popsicle was mildly sweet and managed to let the sabza seeds (used to make falooda) to stand out too, just how an ideal dessert should be.

Price for two: Rs.2,500.
Till May 30.
Pics: RVK Rao.