Review: From platters with fried eggs to hash cakes made of quinoa, the new menu at Ci Gusta! in Hyderabad  has some delicious options

They will be serving breakfast until 12 pm, for those who like their lazy weekends and want to start late.

Paulami Sen Published :  10th January 2020 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  10th January 2020 06:00 AM

Chicken Chorizo

A hearty breakfast can set the tone for the day, especially when it comes with freshly brewed coffee. Ci Gusta! in Madhapur, which now opens its doors at 8 am, has an all-new menu for your morning fill. They will be serving breakfast until 12 pm, for those who like their lazy weekends and want to start late. First up on the menu is their English Breakfast platter.

English Breakfast

Now, there might not be anything novel about it, but what we absolutely love is how close this comes to a comfort meal with fried eggs (sunny-side up), chicken sausage and squarely cut hashbrown and grilled mushrooms. There’s an Indian variation to that English Breakfast, and it comprises ‘vegetarian omelette’ (besan ka chilla) served hot with hash browns, baked beans and tomato chutney, toast and butter or jam. Head chef, A Naresh Sagar says, “A good breakfast is not only about eggs or bacon. We want to offer vegetarians options as well.”

Veg Omelette

They also have a range of hot beverages section — we tried the Cappuccino with a freshly baked in-house cookie. They have a selection of teas that can be paired with the breakfast dishes — imagine sipping on a cup of Kashmiri Royal Kahwa. You could also opt for their Rose Chamomile, which has the most soothing aroma. As we got busy drinking that, the Quinoa Hash Cake arrived. It tasted almost like hash potatoes — absolutely crispy on the outside except that it has all the health benefits of quinoa. And if you want to pair it with something sweet, choose for the freshly made Ci Gusta Parfait. It is served with a generous portion of baked beans stew and topped with cheese sauce. Served next was the Chicken Chorizo — sausages served in a flavourful onion gravy — was a fulfilling end. 

Rs 600 onwards.
Photos: Vinay Madapu