Meet this architecture student with a flair for baking pretty confectioneries

One sweet slice, an online dessert store is full of taste and creativity
Nafia Nizar
Nafia Nizar

For 21-year-old Nafia, baking has been a passion all her life. From cooking things to satiate her sweet tooth to setting up an online store, she has come a long way. After a long day at college, she bakes daily past midnight to complete orders. “Being an architect was good training for managing sleepless nights. Baking is easier because I love doing it,” she laughs.

Delights to die for
The hamper that she sent across for us to sample transported us to dessert heaven. Apart from the melt-in-your-mouth cupcakes and bright popsicles, there was a perfectly crispy kunafa that I finished in one sitting. With molten cream and cheese packed perfectly between the dough and pistachio topping, each bite was a flavour explosion. Nafia has also adopted the cake jar concept. A spoonful from her bottle of death by chocolate tastes like biting into all the best bits of a chocolate cake at once. “I got the idea from pudding jars, as they were becoming common. The toppings are usually whatever is available in my kitchen. Mostly candy sprinkles, and that is my personal favourite too,” she adds.

Chasing afters
Nafia’s three-month-old store (@_onesweetslice_) now has over seven varieties of desserts people can pick from. Though chocolate is her ingredient of choice, this young baker is constantly on the lookout for new flavours. Despite her success, Nafia plans to hold her profession close. “It is good to have a formal qualification when you are trying to be an independent entrepreneur,” she comments. For this grad student, her business is all about keeping the real buyers happy. “My worst fear is delivering a less-than-amazing dessert,” she says.

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