This restaurant in Kaloor serves familiar flavours from a foodie’s home kitchen

Master's café is all about good health and an interesting combination of dishes

author_img   |   Published :   |  02nd August 2019 03:00 PM
Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay

From local snacks and beef roast to burgers and satays, three-month-old Masters Café has an interesting contrast of dishes. Handpicked by Roshith Sebastian and Anu Roshith, a couple who loves to travel and experiment with food, the menu here stands out for its familiarity. For 33-year-old Anu, who is also the chef, this first-time café venture is not just about taste, but also about additive-free diets. “People are used to compromising on quality. But, we like to focus more on eating right,” says Anu, as we proceed upstairs.

The café—on St Francis Xaviers Road has an unconventional design. It is divided into three parts: a vegetarian area, a  sandwich spot and a rooftop lounge. Despite a cramped elevator ride, the ambience of the terrace adorned with plants and lamps is perfect for an evening hangout, if the weather permits.

Exotic overtones
A jar of fresh passionfruit juice with a sweet and sour smack kick-starts our elaborate tasting, as Roshith walks in with Masters’ signature dry grape juice. With a peculiar blend of Afghani dry gapes, Iranian dates and Malaysian spices, it leaves you counting flavours. This tint of foreign spices stands out in most dishes, like the citric aftertaste of galangal in the chicken satay. “Very few customers understand these subtle differences, and even fewer people care to ask. We prioritise on what catches their attention,” Anu adds, speaking on the process of finalising a menu that is relatable to all. 

Feels like home
In sharp contrast to the dishes 
mentioned above, Masters also has regional cuisine with an attractive twist. Pepper duck, for example, is Anu’s mother’s recipe and doesn’t use chilly powder. The thick gravy cooked in duck fat and spices goes well with the thin, spongy, appams or dum-ghee rice. Kerala beef roast paired with ullivada is another such combo that takes you by surprise.
From 11 am - 11 pm.