With One Tight Wrap, Mumbai gets a healthier alternative to Kathi rolls

A delivery kitchen in Mumbai is making healthy, organic, vegan and gluten-free wraps 
Soy Bolognese Wrap
Soy Bolognese Wrap

While wraps are a really convenient option to have as a meal whether you are at home, workplace or need something on the go, they are usually fried, at times made from refined flour and contain way too many sauces and gravies to be even remotely healthy. But, what if these wraps could be made healthy, organic, vegan and gluten-free? A delivery kitchen in Mumbai by Rahul Bajaj, the man behind restaurant Out Of The Blue, is doing just that. 

But, how are these wraps gluten-free, you ask? Co-created with celebrity chef and artist Ananya Banerjee, their wrap bases are specially made from organic, gluten-free and vegan flours made from Amaranth, Beetroot, Cauliflower, Soybean, Carrot and Sourdough. However, it wasn’t an easy feat to achieve. 

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“It took us three-four weeks to create a wrap base that’s gluten-free and made from organic produce as it was challenging to get the right consistency to hold the filling without any flour. After experimenting with 12 to 14 different flours, we finally created wrap bases made of sourdough, amaranth (rajgira), soybean, etc. Once we understood that these ingredients work best, we clubbed them with other ingredients like sun-dried tomato, beetroot, cauliflower, etc. We finally got it right after a lot of perseverance, hard work and failure,” tells Bajaj, the founder and brainchild behind One Tight Wrap. 

<em>Cajun Cottage Cheese</em>
Cajun Cottage Cheese

The menu features over a dozen varieties of healthy wraps, both sweet and savoury, and has something for every dietary preference, whether you want fish, chicken, pork, or if you are a Jain. We tried their Kasundi Mustard Cottage Cheese wrap in Amaranth- Beetroot base, Cajun Cottage Cheese wrap in Sourdough base and Chocolate Almond wrap, the last being a keto-friendly dessert. First thing first, the wrap bases were thin, soft and free from oil. They were packed in tiny rectangular boxes that helped them stay in their place. They reached us about an hour later and but thankfully, the taste was such that you wouldn’t mind having it mildly-cold. The first wrap looked reddish in appearance owing to the presence of beetroot in it and had a filling of cottage cheese marinated in Kasundi mustard sauce. It was topped with iceberg lettuce and cucumber and, as expected, had mustard dominating the flavours. If you don’t have a liking for mustard, we would suggest you skip it. The second wrap also had cottage cheese but in Cajun sauce. From outside, it looked similar to a refined flour wrap. When it comes to taste, it was spicy, which was getting perfectly balanced by the cottage cheese, and we would highly recommend you to try this wrap. 

<em>Chocolate Marshmallow Wrap and Chocolate Almon Wrap</em>
Chocolate Marshmallow Wrap and Chocolate Almon Wrap

Our third wrap was a healthy and delicious keto-friendly dessert. The wrap was made from cent-per cent sugar-free chocolate and had a filling of pure Belgian chocolate mousse and roasted almond, and it was a delight to our taste buds. 

<em>Amaranth-Beetroot Nachos</em>
Amaranth-Beetroot Nachos

Besides wraps, we also tried their amaranth-beetroot nachos that were served with salsa and homemade cheese sauce. The baked nachos were healthy but the taste and feel were less like nachos and more like a healthy cracker since they were comparatively less crunchy and were free of masalas that nachos usually come with. So, if you are looking for nachos, they might not fit the bill. However, if you are looking for something healthy to binge, they are a good option to run to. Plus, the cheese sauce is too good to be missed. 

Our recommendations: Cajun Cottage Cheese wrap and Chocolate Almond Wrap

Price: Rs 250 onwards

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