The new Greek menu at Bayroute Cuff Parade Greek menu is all about ‘Ambrosia’

Celebrating the middle-eastern cuisine by offering uncanny ancient and authentic dishes straight from the land of Zeus, Bayroute is serving a brand-new Greek menu at its Cuffe Parade outlet
Greek Menu at Bayroute
Greek Menu at Bayroute

Flaunting an old-world charm of long glass panels, standout tables inspired by Morocco’s quaint steel-style cafés, and middle-eastern interiors, Bayroute Cuff Parade replicates drool-worthy Greek cuisine in Mumbai. The ambrosial menu offers scrumptious Salata, fresh Hummus, exotic deli offerings, delectable cold and hot Mezze, mouth-watering mains as well as decadent desserts, served in a customary style.

A delicious door to the notable world of middle-eastern food, Bayroute’s Tahini Caesar, Santorina Beet Carpaccio and a seven-layer Shawarma are a piquant mix of flavorous ingredients marking a moreish invitation to the exquisite taste of Greek cuisine. We ordered Salatas to try and it came loaded with veggies and spices with dips on the side filled with flavoursome delights. The Saffron and Pumpkin Hummus and Hummus Pimento intensifies the taste and flavours of the middle-eastern dishes, offering a perfect kick to an ambrosian meal.

Beetroot <em>Moutabbel</em>
Beetroot Moutabbel
<em>Baklava</em> Cheesecake
Baklava Cheesecake

Besides, Bayroute’s luscious delis — Sabich, Gyro and Lamb Croque are Mediterranean-influenced sandwiches in Emirati Khamir bread served with enticing house dips on the side. Also check out their aperitive delicacies like Beetroot Moutabbel, Labneh Al Bayroute, Tirokafteri, Feta Saganaki, Tirokroketes, Byrek, Pierogi, Chicken Souvlaki, Moroccan Chicken Briouat, Kebapche, Sigara Boregi, Lamb Mille-FeuilleSpanakopita, Gemista, Lamb Mujadarra and Prawn Saganaki. Complete your meal with desserts that boast ingredients sourced from Greece for a bona fide Kali Oreksi. We also tried Baklava Cheesecake from their dessert section and it was satiating. You can also choose from Greek Loukoumades, Pistachio Fondant, Baked Greek Yogurt and a Basbousa Date Pudding.

Ongoing. From 12 pm to 1.30 am. Price for two: INR 3,000 plus taxes.

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