These uniquely designed cafés are becoming hotspots for people to come and have a good time

Team Indulge speaksto the owners of such beautiful eateries to know about their ideas, thoughts and philosophies behind such food joints
PS Cheese Café
PS Cheese Café

Whether it’s for enjoying a sumptuous meal with family or simply engaging in a heart-to-heart conversation, beautiful cafés and restaurants have always come to the rescue. Let’s agree that these places play an impeccable role in nurturing the cherished love for food, offering havens where culinary delights intertwine with beautiful ambience to create memorable experiences. Beyond the repositories of culinary spots, these eateries have emerged as precious treasurers, where lifetime memories are woven and bonds grow stronger. You will resonate with the idea if you have been a patron or a wanderer alike, a l w a y s thirsty for pretty corners. Now, did you notice the new era of eateries that transport you into a different world altogether? Yes, these uniquely designed cafés and restaurants are in some way or the other contributing to the ever-evolving culinary landscape of Hyderabad.

You will spot numerous food joints established around a particular theme with thoughtfully designed aesthetics in place and even a well-crafted menu. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that each of these places has a story to tell. Once you enter the eateries, you will not be able to leave without pondering over the design elements, and interiors or simply getting lost in the narratives they are trying to convey — at least until you are seated there, binging on the food they serve. Some culinary enthusiasts or rather we should call them ‘visionaries,’ have taken it upon themselves to transform bungalows into cafés. Drifting from the general idea of constructing a restaurant, they have let their imagination flow to breathe new life into some homes, infusing them with creativity, charm, and a touch of nostalgia. Imagine sitting in a modern, renovated house where the echoes of the past mingle with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or a perfectly cooked delicacy. Isn’t it a moment worth experiencing?

PS Cheese Café

This place is no less than a paradise for cheese lovers. Yes, there is a café in the city dedicated to the richness and sheer decadence of cheese — PS Cheese Café by Roastery. Unlike most cafés, these days, which are setup in conventional dark interiors and dim light settings, this one exudes radiance and positivity. The bright yellow curved walls and dark brown wood furniture give it a homely feel. The large patio doors and windows allow enough sunlight to pass through, making the place look more appealing and gorgeous.

Well, the major attraction is the magnificent glass ceiling which brings the beauty of the outdoors to the indoors. Wondering what happens when the sun sets? The same glass ceiling offers a glimpse of the beautiful starry night adding a sense of enchantment to the evening ambience. Apart from the indoor space that gives you the vibe of a courtyard, you will spot a lot of plants arranged on the outside giving it a vibe of a home garden. Prashant Sinha, founder of PS Cheese Café, tells us that instead of outsourcing cheese, they produce fresh cheese at the café every day. What’s interesting is that they let people try their hands at cheesemaking.

The café aims at providing good quality artisanal slices of cheese to Hyderabadis. Prashant says, “Our cheese is made using locally sourced milk from cattle farms around Hyderabad.” He agrees that such theme-based cafés are flourishing in Hyderabad. “It is tr ue that thoughtfully designed, aesthetically appealing places do attract people. However, at the end of the day, it’s the experience that you provide to your customers that makes a difference. The excitement for the theme may fade away with time but it’s the lasting impression of the quality of food and service that truly matters.”

Sobremesa: Bakehouse Cafe’ Kitchen

Imagine entering a stone-clad café that reminds you of an old European village with majestic structures exuding unusual yet comforting rustic vibes. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Sobremesa: Bakehouse Cafe’ Kitchen is a 30 to 35 years old building that has been turned into a café. The exquisitely designed eatery is known for serving continental fusion food and delicious coffee. The rugged stone walls with their natural imperfections and the lush greenery around make you forget all the worries and live in the moment. Udaya Gottipati, co-founder of Sobremesa, says, “We wanted to open a quiet neighbourhood café with great ambience, food and service. Sobremesa is a space for conversations, reading books, painting or if one wants to spend some quiet time alone while enjoying a cup of coffee or a meal.” Touching upon the architectural elements, Udaya says, “It’s a loadbearing structure with beautiful arches. When we started retrofitting the space to meet the needs of a café, our efforts went into enhancing and complementing the existing structure. We replaced the flooring with terracotta tiles, and cobblestones, added wrought iron railings, brush cleaned and polished the stone walls. We also added greenery to the space to tone down the solidness of the grey stone walls.” She further says that bungalows converted to cafés are cosy but they also come with a few limitations that challenge both design and operations. Striking that balance is essential.

<strong>Sobremesa: Bakehouse Cafe’ Kitchen</strong>
Sobremesa: Bakehouse Cafe’ Kitchen

Vibeyard Bistro

Located in a very posh area of Film Nagar, Vibeyard Bistro is yet another bungalow turned into a café. A sense of familiarity washes over you as soon as you reach the place. If you are not originally from Hyderabad, this will feel like your home away from home. The oxide walls, wooden doors and windows whisper a heartfelt welcome as you get inside. If you raise your gaze a bit, the sight of sleek chandeliers above casts a soft and intimate glow. Their menu is flooded with numerous exotic delicacies compelling you to simply take your tastebuds on a joy ride.

Not just the indoor setting, the café also has a beautiful backyard where you can enjoy the weather amidst the trees and plants. The alfresco dining area is what most people prefer at the café. The place has enough plants and trees to make the visitors feel close to nature. Deepti Pallapolu, co-founder of Vibeyard Bistro, says, “We wanted to create a space with cosy ambience that also evokes a sense of nostalgia. I am sure many people who come to Vibeyard go back in time thinking of their good old childhood days.”

She agrees that she has a fondness for old bungalows. “With so much changing around and Hyderabad turning into a concrete jungle, you must have a place that lets you spend time in the lap of nature with an ear thy vibe wrapping you around,” Deepti adds.

Lillies – The Boho Café

Nestled in the heart of the city, Lillies captures the essence of an Indonesian island paradise. As the first Boho-themed café in Hyderabad, it has become a hotspot for youngsters, boasting a captivating décor that enchants the visitors. Inspired by various ethnic and global influences, the interiors pay homage to the unbridled allure of the Bohemian lifestyle. Every detail within narrates tales of wanderlust and artistic freedom.

It’s a passion project by Varsha, an avid traveller, who is quite inspired by Bohemian culture. She tells us, “Beyond the vibrant colours and textures, this place is a testament to our commitment to using natural materials in its design. From wood, bamboo, grass, and jute, to cane sticks and many other things, each element forms an organic beauty, culminating in a visually appealing ambience. Our deliberate embrace of sustainability principles is evident throughout the café.” Even the café’s entrance boasts an upcycled door, a 20-year-old piece, lovingly remade to grace the façade. Varsha’s meticulous attention to detail is truly remarkable and is reflected in the café’s décor. Many things that add to the beautiful ambience of the place are handcrafted by local artisans from different parts of the country.

Varsha says, “The assortment comprises artefacts from the Banjara market in Gurgaon, dream catchers from Goa, and an array of other local artefacts and cups from various local markets. We aimed to immerse people in the essence of India teeming with rich art and craft offerings.” When we asked her innovative venture in a city like Hyderabad, she responded with a beaming smile, expressing that the city’s openness to novel experiences makes it an ideal ground for experimentation.

Rasa Telangana

In the contemporary world, there’s a fascinating trend of embracing the essence of simple, sustainable, and organic living. Among the myriad high-end restaurants, there exist establishments that evoke the charm of villages, triggering a sense of nostalgia. These places serve as not just comfort zones for a good outing with family but also offer delectable traditional dishes that hark back to cherished childhood flavours. One such place is Rasa Telangana, which opened this year, offering a portrayal of the simplistic essence of Telangana’s villages. The earthy ambience, décor, and cuisine — all reflect the rich cultural heritage of the state.

After stepping inside, the restaurant’s rustic red and brown walls evoke an essence of villages. Look around and vibrant paintings reminiscent of the prominent Telangana festival, Bathukamma, will captivate your attention. Interestingly, one of the walls in the restaurant features a stunning, colourful painting of Palapitta (Blue Jay), which serves as the state bird of Telangana.

The owner of the restaurant Dayakar Reddy Donuru tells us, “Apart from the earthy mudcoloured walls, the establishment also showcases handmade pots as decorative elements, resonating with the rustic ambience. Adding an exquisite touch is the intricate Tadakala Pandari meticulously crafted using bamboob by some local artisans. Some of the other cultural elements include lamps encapsulated by Buttalu, and wooden baskets in the outdoor seating area.” Their menu is well-crafted keeping in mind the offerings from the Telugu cuisine. They ensure the use of hand-pounded in-house spices to get that rich and traditional taste of the delicacies.

Rasa Telangana
Rasa Telangana

Pariwar Express

Now that we are discussing theme-based eateries in the city, not mentioning Pariwar Express would be unfair. Simply put, it’s a train that has been converted into a restaurant. It’s exciting how 'Heritage on Wheels', the royal Indian train which guarantees a luxurious travelling experience, now stands reborn as an exquisite restaurant for foodies in Hyderabad. Two coaches of the train have been selected and transformed into the eatery as a joint effort by Pariwar’s Have More and the South Central Railway. Out of the two coaches, one exudes heritage vibes. It features a low-seating arrangement and wooden interiors. What’s also interesting is to see the beautiful paintings where each stroke captures a sense of magnificence, grace and a profound connection with heritage.

The other coach looks like a palace in Rajasthan. The moment you step in, the essence of regal grandeur breathes through the air. The walls inside the coach have some extravagant mirror work and lamps like glowing jewels reflect the brilliance of the bygone era. Mujtaba Hussain Malik from Pariwar, says, “These coaches were initially kept at the Kacheguda Railway Station as monuments for the last 10 years. People would come and see this architectural marvel. But we thought that may be converting them into a restaurant will be a good idea. We approached the railway authorities and they did support us with the idea. We have tried to restore the exact interiors of the train and only made a few tweaks here and there including the furniture. I hope people get to experience something new at this place.”

<strong>Pariwar Express</strong>
Pariwar Express

Swach Restaurant

Swach, a South Indian café offers a much-needed escape from the chaos of everyday life. Nestled in Madhapur, this eatery is known for serving some authentic South Indian delicacies that bring comfort and nourishment. After entering, you’ll be smitten by the surroundings emanating an earthy allure.

The redbrown walls made using terracotta mud bricks evoke a rustic charm that reminds one of simpler times. The traditional tandur stone flooring, minimal aesthetics, and even traditional paintings on the walls tell anecdotes of the bygone eras. This is the brainchild of Madamanchi Adithya Maruthi Vamsi and his father Madamanchi Satyanarayana. Madamanchi Adithya tells us, “I never hired any architecture to create this place. My father and I designed everything you see here. We wanted to open an eatery that has an old-world charm associated with it.”

“I often visit Bangaluru and I am inspired by the Udupi restaurants or breakfast joints there. Right from the taste of food to service and ambience, everything is so well-organised. I wanted to come up with a similar space in Hyderabad where the taste of the food remains the same even after you have it years later. Achieving such culinary excellence requires careful balancing,” says Madamanchi Adithya. He also says that the décor is minimal, basic and sustainable. They used puff panels ceiling to keep it cool even during the summers when the temperature soars in Hyderabad.

He says, “There is a mineral water tank so that the people don’t have to buy water bottles. This is done to reduce waste and promote sustainability. The dishes are washed in an open area and utensils are sterilised at 100 degrees Celsius in the dishwasher. We believe hygiene is the key when you want to run a successful establishment.”

<strong>Swach Restaurant</strong>
Swach Restaurant

Dawath, Miyapur

Dawath distinguishes itself with its unique desert-themed approach, transporting guests to the ambience of an Arabian setting. The restaurant’s distinctive seating arrangement, featuring carpets and cushions, creates a welcoming and relaxed environment. Complemented by large curtains and elegant chandeliers, the atmosphere makes one feel as if they are dining in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. This restaurant in Miyapur serves delectable mandi, a beloved dish cherished by the locals. What sets Dawath apart is its innovative presentation, offering a tantalising take on this cherished speciality. Co-founders of Dawath, Prudhveesh Dasari and Prathyusha Dasari tell us more about their venture. Prathyusha says, “Hyderabad is witnessing remarkable growth, evident in the emergence of diverse establishments that cater to individuals from various backgrounds. The city is abuzz with new developments, particularly in the food industry, prompting a wave of experimentation. Amid this evolving scene, we sought an unconventional path, aspiring to introduce something truly distinctive and unique.”

<strong>Dawath, Miyapur</strong>
Dawath, Miyapur

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