Swap your fries with these three healthy snacking options

Eating right can go a long way in the pursual of a great body. Here are some easy ways to snack right
Swap your fries with these three healthy snacking options

The new age of fitness is all about building muscle, toning down and getting healthier without compromising one’s food cravings. Unlike before, now the gym bros and pilates girlies do not frown upon anyone who likes a little snack in the evening and later at midnight.

It’s all about finding the right foods to munch on and staying true to one’s body goals. Basically, if you are craving chocolate at 2 am while doomscrolling, you need not deprive yourself of a sweet treat.

Keeping that in mind, we list down three brands that are changing the way we approach our snacking spree.

1. Gobbleright

An all-new addition to the healthy snacking scene, Gobbleright is redefining the way you approach your cheat meals. The product catalogue boasts gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, soy-free and dairy-free wraps. Additionally, they also have flour powder packed with the goodness of four different kinds of lentils. We sampled their low-carb pizza base made with sattu flour, jowar flour, olive oil and xanthan gum. A healthier alternative to midnight pizza craving, the crust was a savoury delight. We topped it off with freshly cut veggies and used homemade pesto as the sauce base. Chef’s kisses! INR 245 onwards. Available online.

2. The Whole Truth

One of the most important things to keep track of during your fitness journey is protein intake. You could be eating right and on time, but if you are not eating enough protein, there are chances you will not yield the best results. We recently upped our game and added protein-heavy snacks to our routine. One of the products we sampled was the mini protein bars from The Whole Truth. We are obsessed with the Coffee Cocoa and Cranberry flavour and pairs perfectly with morning black coffee. Box of four: INR 440 onwards. Available online.

3. Paul & Mike

A personal favourite, this Kochi-based chocolate brand was amongst the first ones in India to further the concept of bean-to-bar. With cocoa beans sourced from Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, Paul & Mike is known for their liqueur and vegan chocolates. Our favourite? The 64 percent Dark Whisky & Cashew Butterscotch Chocolate. Made with pure cocoa butter and brown sugar, this one is an absolute winner for its crunchy texture and creamy mouthfeel. INR 250 onwards. Available online.

Swap your fries with these three healthy snacking options
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