The Italian summer menu at this Kolkata diner is a must-try for the novelty factor

Let Indulge be your guide for the limited edition menu
What's on the plate?
What's on the plate? Partha Saha

If you are on the lookout for some light, easy-on-oil yet refreshingly tasty options in Italian this summer, head straight to Veneto to check out their newest summer fare called Mamma Mia.

This lip smacking new capsule menu captures the essence of summer perfectly with a platter of irresistibly flavoursome numbers. We visited the bustling popular fine diner in South City Mall despite the gruelling heat and let the food woo us, and it was an uphill experience, to say the least. 

What's on the plate?
Here’s why you need to visit this Park Street spot at the earliest!

We decided to kick off the luncheon with a plateful of Pollo di Fritto --- crispy chicken fires, for the uninitiated. What set this very regular item apart from its plain variants, was the clever use of a mix of Italian herbs – thyme and parsley with a dash of lemon juice, pepper and olive oil -- to marinade the chicken.

Next came the Jerk Chicken Wings and all our apprehensions were laid to rest with the very first bite into the petite wings coated with habaneros, garlic oil, nutmeg and red onion. The meat was tender and had all the Italian spice notes right. 

Before moving on to the mains, we had to try out the unique Wood Fire Lamb Fajita and we relished every bit of the Italian take on this Tex-Mex dish. Served on a platter atop freshly baked bread, the minced lamb mixed with an assortment of herbs and spices, was a delight to savour. 

What's on the plate?
Indulge checks out this cosy diner in Kolkata as it turns three 

The mains couldn’t be complete without a filling dish of artisanal Valentino Pollo Pizza liberally topped with chunks of chicken, Chef special sauce, mozzarella and truffle oil. It was extremely light in texture and easy on the taste buds, making it a great choice for the gruelling summer.

What’s great is that the concise menu also has an equally tempting list of options for the green crusaders and we absolutely loved Creamy Sweetheart, an unusually good dish made with the otherwise ubiquitous ingredients like spinach, corn, cream and cheese.

 On till June 15. Meal for two: Rs 1,200 (without alcohol)

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