The small plates menu at Burma Burma is the perfect healthy excuse to travel back in time

Burma Burma's small plates menu caters to the ones looking to nibble on healthy munchies with the zing of less explored flavours

author_img Raima Ganguly Published :  27th May 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  27th May 2022 12:00 AM

Small Plates Menu by Burma Burma

Asian cuisine is more diverse than the usual segments food connoisseurs are acquainted with, and Burmese cuisine is one such example that remains to be explored much more. The brainchild of Ankit Gupta and Chirag Chhajer, Burma Burma has been giving Burmese cuisine the much- required momentum over the past decade. A melting pot of taste and authentic ingredients, the multi-chain vegetarian eatery has now introduced a small plates menu specifically for the ones looking to nibble on healthy munchies with the zing of less explored flavours emanating from stone flower, homemade Burmese cheese- Nokeh and jackfruit.


 Ankit Gupta


“Food is ever evolving with time and the small plates are one of our very first attempts to give a contemporary twist to traditional flavours from the roots of our neighbour. Each dish has a unique flavour offering both vegan and gluten free options for the health conscious. We have focussed on clean plating with lesser known local produce,” shares Ansab Khan, head chef of Burma Burma, Kolkata.


Broccoli with Nokeh


The amber lit, posh eatery paints the perfect picture of Burmese legacy with polished wooden chairs with woven can backrests bringing in notes from the British era, and monochrome photos Ankit has inherited from his Burma born mother, accentuating the walls. Hints of teal and turquoise on the door frames and seat cushions throw in a splash of colour to the old-world décor.


Chef Ansab Khan


With predominant notes of rice and mushroom, each of the quick nibbles are flavour bombs in itself. We had our eyes on the Pyajo Kari, pretty similar to our home-grown Chaats made with yoghurt curry, potatoes and masala chana. The Burmese cousin stands out for the hints of a pungent house-made Burmese spice mix blend. The Taro Shell with Spiced Black Bean is a contemporary take on crisp taro chips filled with sweet chilli, black beans, coconut cream, lacto-fermented peppers and smashed avocado- given a facelift of a taco. For the ones looking for something less experimental, try the Steamed Rice Paper Parcels.


Pan Fried Rice Parcels


Price for Two: Rs. 1500++ taxes

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