AR Rahman takes to Twitter Spaces to talk about his new movie, 99 Songs

He used the platform to interact with fans and audiences about the upcoming film

author_img Ana M Published :  14th April 2021 06:09 PM   |   Published :   |  14th April 2021 06:09 PM
AR Rahman Music Director

AR Rahman

Twitter's latest audio-only feature Spaces  was buzzing yesterday, and because of none other than musical legend AR Rahman. He used the platform to interact with fans and audiences about his upcoming movie 99 Songs.

"Actually since I'm heading the team, and as the producer and writer who ambitioned this project, I felt this sense of responsibility. Honestly, sometimes when I do music videos, I feel like for many music videos and many songs I only almost finished them and then I wouldn't have the time and I'd just leave it and move on with my life. So in this film, I said to myself that the thought should never come to mind and no matter what happens, I'm heading the team, I'm heading their aspirations, so I have to fulfill this especially since they've all trusted me as this team's leader. So I knew I should bring the ship to the shore, the way we envisioned it and even better," Rahman said, adding, "To come to this place, it took quite a while because there are many risks we've taken. So for me, it was like a 100x, that kind of energy and responsibility. Moreover, I wanted this movie to have its own voice and it does. It has the collective voice of this whole team."

While he expressed his love for music and how the movie came to be, Rahman also revealed how he and the crew embarked on their quest for the right actor for 99 songs and eventually landed Ehan for the role, "We wanted somebody who could play beautifully, who could sing. We wanted the sky. And, of course, for that you need to give time. And music doesn't come easily. It's like penance. So there are amazing actors who would have been nice but then we thought will they have that little bit of experience to learn music and will they have the time to do that. So we felt like it'd be better to get a new cast altogether where we can nurture someone, and we went through almost 750 to 800 auditions and we found Ehan in the process."