From smart air purifiers to solar Bluetooth speakers, take a look at these impressive gizmos

On this week's curated list of awesome gadgets, we have devices ranging from IKEA's smart purifier to Adidas 3D CMPT sunglass

author_img P Parthiban Published :  06th August 2021 03:37 PM   |   Published :   |  06th August 2021 03:37 PM
Check out our complete list of gadgets for this week below

Check out our complete list of gadgets for this week below

On this week's curated list of impressive gadgets, we have devices ranging from IKEA's smart purifier to Adidas 3D CMPT sunglass. Check out the full list below:

IKEA smart purifier

Gadgets: IKEA smart purifier

IKEA’s smart air purifier STARKVIND is so cool it doubles up as a coffee table. The purifier itself uses a three-filter system and captures harmful particles, while connecting to an app. Coming soon.

UBON solar speaker

Gadgets: UBON solar speaker

UBON’s SP 40 Solar BT speaker comes with good sound and a battery that lasts up to six hours. The option to charge via solar energy is great considering the electricity that can be saved during the life of the product. The speaker also plays FM, music from your devices and can charge conventionally if required. The speaker also has a bright LED light for support in the dark. The SP 40 is ideal for travelling with its rugged body and compact form. Solar is the way to go!

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Stuffcool Wireless charger

Gadgets: Stuffcool wireless charger

Stuffcool’s WC630 is a Qi certified wireless charger which supports up to a whopping 15W of fast charging. It also comes with features for protection against temperature, short circuit and excess power and voltage. As a bonus, you get a 18W fast wall charger packed into the bundle. What a deal!

AWA carbonator

Gadgets: AwA carbonator

If you’re in search of a clean alternative to sodas and soft drinks, this carbonator creates carbonated water in the comfort of your home. Fresh soda water can be created in seconds using clean drinking water. AWA’s carbonator and bottles are reusable, enhancing

Urban Play

Gadgets: Urban Play smartwatch

I always have a soft corner for Urban’s range of smartwatches mostly because they fit better than the rest of the competition and fit supremely well on wrists. The Play is no exception, forged from a zinc aluminium syncing perfectly to my wrist with uniform weight distribution and balance. It also has a phenomenal display with ample space to view all notifications. The watch is packed with tracking metric capabilities like heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sports, weather and menstrual tracking. The hydration alerts which help me stay hydrated and happy are of great help. Battery is great, lasting close to seven days with regular use. Available in black and red, Urban Play is a great looking, fitting and performing smartwatch.

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Adidas CMPT sunglass

Gadgets: Adidas 3D CMPT sunglass

Adidas has a new pair of limited edition sunglasses made using additive manufacturing tech, with frames made of nylon and lenses from polycarbonate. The 3D CMPT sunglass is made in collaboration with eyewear specialist Marcolin using advanced 3D printing.

Orboot Mars

Gadgets: Orboot Mars, 3D games, Mars

I’ve used several products from Orboot in the past and have shared it with children, always getting a strong, favourable response. The Mars is a new addition which introduces concepts of fact-checking to a child. It provides 3D games for kids based on Mars where an interactive globe (AR-based) lets children discover hundreds of facts including details on Mars missions and spacecrafts. The entire process helps kids build skills in areas of critical thinking, geography, planning and engineering. Suitable for ages six to 12, I thoroughly enjoyed observing my young nephews handle Orboot deftly along with the accompanying app. Such interactive tools are essential to garner interest on topics such as space exploration. Highly recommended.

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