It is super important to honour users’ privacy with AI phones: Samsung’s JB Park

In order to improve customers' personal experiences with generative AI, they need to have a reliable Cloud and a safe device, says JB Park, President and CEO of Samsung India
It is super important to honour users’ privacy with AI phones: Samsung’s JB Park
It is super important to honour users’ privacy with AI phones: Samsung’s JB Park

When it comes to enhancing personal experiences for consumers based on generative AI, it means that they must have a secure device and a robust Cloud so that someone cannot look into their personal or private lifestyles, says JB Park, President and CEO of Samsung India. As the company bets big on infusing GenAI into its devices, along with the newly-launched Galaxy S24 series, Park feels it is super important to honour users’ privacy. “Because if you have data that is actually analysing your life pattern, where you go, where you shop and how much do you spend, it is very scary that others will also have access to their personal lifestyles,” park told IANS here on the sidelines of the launch of the new Galaxy S24 devices.

The Galaxy S24 series protects users’ personal information. By working closely with Google, Samsung has developed a device to make the search process more secure, giving users total transparency and complete control. Under Advanced Intelligence settings, each user can decide whether they want to allow online processing and the full functionality of AI.

Secured by Samsung Knox, Galaxy S24 devices safeguard critical information and protect against vulnerabilities with end-to-end secure hardware, real-time threat detection and collaborative protection. Passkeys enable convenient and secure access to a users’ registered websites and apps across all their trusted devices through digital credentials, helping protect against phishing attacks.

Enhanced data protection offers end-to-end encryption when users backup, sync or restore their data with Samsung Cloud, allowing Galaxy S24 users to connect to other devices while staying synchronised and secure, according to the company.

Galaxy S24 devices are also protected with Samsung’s expansive list of innovative security and privacy features including Knox Vault, Security & Privacy Dashboard, Auto Blocker, Secure Wi-Fi, Private Share, Maintenance Mode and more. Park told IANS that productivity enhancement is the key feature that he looks forward to, along with creativity, with the new “AI phones”

On regulating AI, the company executive said that they don't want to regulate anything. “But we honour the privacy of individuals and AI should not, in any means, invade or misuse or be a tool to be harmful to individuals that can physically or mentally affect them,” he noted. Samsung is participating in various government initiatives and policies to create a safe and trusted AI experience for users, and develop a broader roadmap.

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