Insta360 X4 review: The ultimate 360-degree action camera with 8K video and unmatched stability

Upgrades all around make the X4, the king of 360-degree cameras
Insta360 X4
Insta360 X4

The Insta360 X3 was a landmark product, not just for the company but for the 360-degree camera segment as a whole — it was the first product that combined solid 360-degree videos and photos with exceptional software smarts, allowing users to finally shoot without thinking of framing first — shoot first, frame later, if you will. Its successor, the X4, aims to do one better, but not by messing around with the tried-and-tested design. Much like the X3, the X4 uses two fisheye-style ultra-wideangle cameras on opposite sides to combine their footage in software and push out 360-degree videos.

Insta360 X4
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In fact, most folks would be hard pressed to tell the two apart, as the X4 is just a shade taller and thicker, albeit noticeably heavier (231g vs 180g) to fit in a larger battery. It’s still comfortable to hold and grip, and the rubbery, rugged finish coupled with the Gorilla Glass protection on the 2.5-inch screen and the 10-meter-deep waterproofing, ensure it retains its action camera credentials and holds its own against the likes of the GoPro Hero 12 Black. Just pick up the optional clip-on lens guard if you’re heading out for some extreme sports and want the lens to remain unscathed. With the threaded quarter inch screw mount, the X4 can fit on any conventional tripod or camera mount, but you’ll want to consider Insta 360’s specially designed ‘invisible’ selfie sticks, which are slim enough for the Insta360 software to automatically erase in the final video. Or you could use the 3 - meter long ‘extended edition selfie stick’ to capture drone-like overhead video, particularly useful for places where drone photography is restricted.

Bikers in particular would do well to consider the motorcycle bundle, which includes a handlebar mount and a helmet mount — not only does it document your rides, but it serves as a perfect dashcam-equivalent in times of need. The big upgrade is the bumped-up resolution, from the X3’s 5.7K to 8K, which translates to a significant jump in resolution (from 1080p to 2.7K) when you export the video into a wide 16:9 aspect ratio for YouTube or a tall 9:16 video for Instagram.

Single-lens footage goes up to 4K at 60 frames per second too, and there are faster frame rates to be had as well. Low light shooting is improved as well, as is the excellent FlowState image stabilisation for shake-free action footage. These aren’t mere spec bumps — it’s finally high-enough resolution for you to have respectable looking video that you can mix with footage from other cameras or phones, making the X4 far more relevant for serious adventure junkies and content creators alike.

Insta360 X4
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Add to it, the speedier 5 nanometer chip, the X4 is snappier to use, switching between modes and menus noticeably faster. All without a drop in battery life — you now get 70+ minutes of 8K shoot time, and well past two hours at 4K on a single lens — better than both the X3 and the GoPro. The best 360-degree camera around? Absolutely. Heck, I’d go so far as to say this is the only action camera most folks would need.

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