Nokia 3210 makes comeback in the Indian markets with YouTube & YouTube Music

Nokia 3210 returns to Indian markets with YouTube and YouTube Music integration
Nokia 3210 makes comeback in the Indian markets with YouTube & YouTube Music
Nokia 3210 makes comeback in the Indian markets with YouTube & YouTube Music

HMD has announced the comeback of the iconic Nokia 3210, celebrating its 25th anniversary since its original launch. This classic phone, synonymous with a generation, returns to the Indian market in three vibrant and nostalgic colors: Scuba Blue, Grunge Black, and Y2K Gold.

In an era where digital detoxing is gaining popularity, the Nokia 3210 offers an ideal solution for those seeking a break from constant social media, internet browsing, and app usage. It blends nostalgia with contemporary features, featuring a retro 1999-inspired design for a unique user experience. The phone boasts a robust 1450 mAh battery, delivering up to nine and a half hours of talk time. Additionally, it includes the beloved Snake game, a 2MP camera with a flash torch, and a preloaded UPI application approved by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), enabling seamless scan-and-pay functionality akin to smartphone payments.

Moreover, the Nokia 3210 introduces access to YouTube and YouTube Music, alongside a suite of eight apps including Weather, News, Sokoban, Cricket Score, 2048 Game, and Tetris. Customers who already purchased these devices can start enjoying YouTube Music from June 20th.

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Accompanying the Nokia 3210 are two other new models: the Nokia 235 4G and Nokia 220 4G. The Nokia 235 4G features a sizable 2.8-inch IPS display and enhanced functionalities, including a 2MP rear camera. It is available in three attractive colors: Blue, Black, and Purple, designed to blend durability with aesthetics to cater to modern feature phone users.

Similarly, the reimagined Nokia 220 4G boasts a large 2.8-inch IPS display and includes preloaded UPI applications approved by the NPCI, ensuring smooth transactions comparable to smartphones. Its Type-C charging port offers universal convenience and durability, making it a dependable choice for today's users. The Nokia 220 4G is available in Peach & Black Color.

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