Beat the heat and make memories with these 4 DIY summer party decor ideas

Let’s make this summer one to remember!
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As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, it’s time to celebrate the vibrant spirit of summer with our DIY extravaganza! Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or a poolside party, try these DIY summer decoration ideas to transform your ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences of life. Let’s make this summer one to remember!

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String Light Fans

Materials required:

String lights

Paper fans

Tape or glue

Hooks or nails for hanging


Firstly, accordion-fold the paper. Make each fold about 1 inch wide until you reach the end of the paper.  

Once folded, secure the paper with tape or glue.

Then, carefully fan out the folded paper, ensuring that the folds are evenly spaced, aligned and gently shape the fan.

Lay the string lights along the bottom edge of the fan. Use tape or glue to attach the lights securely to the paper.

Hang or place your string light paper fans in your desired location. Also, ensure that the lights are plugged in or have batteries if needed.

Turn on the lights and enjoy the warm glow of your handmade string lights fan!  

Beach-themed centerpieces

Materials required:

Clear glass vases or jars



Small starfish

Mini umbrella, candles, or sea glass


First, fill the glass vases or jars with a layer of sand.

Then, arrange seashells and small starfish on top of the sand.

Add some additional decorations like mini beach umbrellas, candles, or sea glass to enhance the beach theme.

Place the centrepieces on tables! 

Tissue paper pom-poms

Materials required:

8-10 Tissue papers


Floral wire or string


Firstly, stack 8-10 sheets of tissue paper

Fold them, accordion-style, making each fold about 1-inch wide.

Then, secure the centre of the folded tissue paper with floral wire or string.

Trim the ends of the paper to a point.

Gently pull apart each layer of tissue paper to create a full, rounded pom pom.

Hang the pom poms using a string.

DIY photo booth

Materials required:

Backdrops - fabric, paper, or a portable backdrop stand

Props - hats, glasses, signs, etc.

Camera or smartphone

Tripod or photo booth stand


Set up a backdrop in a well-lit area.

Arrange the props on a nearby table for easy access.

Position of the camera or smartphone on a tripod stand should be placed facing the backdrop.

Test the camera setup to ensure proper framing and lighting.

Encourage guests to use the props and take fun photos from the booth!

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Story by Viksha. A

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