Get creative with these shadow palettes, mascara and liners to add a dramatic look to your eyes

Choose from brands like Elf, Shibel, Kiko Milano, Kay Beauty and Anastasia Beverly Hills
Latest eye makeup products
Latest eye makeup products

It is said that the artistry of eye makeup lies in its ability to emphasise the unique features of each individual’s eyes. Colours, lines and shapes, when carefully chosen can add depth and dimension, allowing the eyes to appear larger and more expressive. Try these five new eye products to transform the shape and intensity of the eyes.

Lash and roll
Elf Cosmetic’s Big Mood Mascara boasting an hourglass-shaped brush head intertwined bristles helps with the pigment by separating each lash as the creamy formula infused with jojoba wax holds the curl in place. What we loved about this product was the volume and lift it gave without smudging or flaking. ₹950. Available on

Layer up
Available in five shades, the Eye Shimmer by Shibel flaunts runway-inspired colours that can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, or layered. Made with natural ingredients, the cruelty-free water-like liquid dries quickly and blends easily. ₹1,700. Available on

Just wing it
This long-lasting gel eyeliner by Kiko Milano offers a smooth glide and long-lasting lines with just one application. We tried the highly pigmented product and realised it dries in seconds after application and does not smudge or crumble, unless removed. ₹900. Available on

Colour theory
Cosmos Eyeshadow Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, featuring 12 full-pigment shades in matte and metallic finish, is inspired by the hues of star-studded galaxies. Subtle or dramatic, the product sporting shades like Dark Matter, Space Dust and Supernova has a shade for every occasion. ₹5,800. Available on

Matte magic
Enriched with chamomile and ceramides, the 24-Hour Coloured Matte Kajals by Kay Beauty are crafted to compliment Indian skin tones. Available in brown, teal, green and blue, the kajal not only enhances the look but reduces inflammation, improves the health of skin cells and prevents dryness and irritation of the eyes. ₹399. Available on

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