We curate a list of six serums from brands like Kiehl’s and Bayla that will help you achieve a flawless look

From hydration and anti-ageing to brightening, here are six new serums that promise a radiant complexion.

Srushti Kulkarni Published :  30th June 2023 12:55 PM   |   Published :   |  30th June 2023 12:55 PM

Face serums

Face serums have become increasingly popular in skincare due to their numerous benefits on the skin’s health and appearance. These lightweight, highly concentrated formulas are designed to address specific skin concerns and provide targeted solutions. From hydration and anti-ageing to brightening, here are six new serums that promise a radiant complexion.

Age factor

Firmer Anti-aging Serum with antioxidants not only brightens the complexion but also fights UV damage. The needleless syringe packaging filled with PrimalHyal Ultrafiller, creates an air-permeable layer and keeps the skin smooth and hydrated, helping in skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction.₹989. Available on shoprythm.com

Cell story
Bakuchiol Skin Recovery Face Serum from Juicy Chemistry is an intensive seven-day care serum kit that targets signs of ageing like fine lines, age spots and pigmentation. The Bakuchiol potent works as retinol and stimulates collagen repair and cell turnover while Ginkgo Biloba helps restore elasticity and improves sebaceous gland activity. It not only improved our skin’s antioxidant defence but also prevented transepidermal water loss. ₹1,650. Available on juicychemistry.com

Spot on
The Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Corrector by Kiehl’s, suitable for all skin types, functions as a brightening serum, which reduces dark spots, hyperpigmentation and post-acne marks. This paraben-free product contains Activated C and buffered Salicylic Acid, which diminishes a wide range of skin discolourations. After using this product as recommended for 12 weeks, we achieved a radiant complexion free from blemishes. ₹4,450. Available on kiehls.com

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Dew drops
Clay Co’s Silver Flakes & AHA Infused Serum boasts pure silver flakes that are rich in antioxidants and aid in the improvement of skin immunity. Loaded with natural fruit-based AHAs and aloe vera extract, it helps retain moisture and increases collagen production and hydrates the skin with a dewy finish. ₹899. Available on clayco.in 

Sweet peach
The Peachy Boost by the newly-launched Bayla Skin containing 0.5 per cent Ferulic Acid is an anti-ageing and hydrating face serum. This FDA and PETA-approved product, offering a harmonious blend of peach extract, and alpha-arbutin, restores, replenishes and brightens our skin. ₹699. Available on bayla.in

On the bright side

Farmistry’s Spotlight Fading + Brightening Face Serum is designed to tackle common skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne marks and uneven skin tone. Formulated with seven potent brightening actives such as alpha arbutin, kojic acid, vitamin C, peptide, niacinamide, licorice and mulberry extract, the serum effectively alleviates inflammation, redness and skin sensitivity without leaving any oily or sticky residue. ₹1299. Available on Amazon.in