Ahead of Perfume Day, here are six newly launched perfumes to add to your collection this spring

This February, celebrate Perfume Day by embracing the essence of luxury and memories encapsulated in every captivating scent.
Newly launched perfumes
Newly launched perfumes

As spring blossoms, might we suggest a restocking of your exquisite perfume collection? Embrace the season with a fragrant symphony that captures the essence of renewal and blooming vitality. We curate a list of recently launched scents, ranging from vibrant florals to oud notes, which are designed to evoke the freshness of the season and the new year. Whether you plan on gifting these to your valentine or simply add them to your collection, here are six options to explore...

Malli magic
LilaNur Parfums, India's premier modern niche fine fragrance brand, originates from Madurai and is formulated in Grasse. Inspired by India's abundant flowers, spices, woods and herbs, the scents are composed by four esteemed French perfumers. With successful international launches in New York and London, including prestigious stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Harrods, LilaNur recently marked its debut in India, embodying a scented love letter to the world from the rich landscapes of this diverse land. The label’s Malli Insolite Surprising Jasmine Eau de Parfum is our favourite among the offerings thanks to the intoxicating aroma of Madurai Malli. ₹23,688 approx. Available on lilanur.com.

Devil’s choice
Presenting the gender-neutral Huemn x Olfa Originals Huemn fragrance — a seamless fusion of science and artistry. Pheromones, potent chemicals mimicking hormones, exert their influence beyond the body. This aromatic voyage blends fiery red chili with galbanum, basil, and black currant, unveiling a floral symphony featuring lily-of-the-valley, hyacinth, jasmine, ylang-ylang and almond. As the scent unfolds, oakmoss and patchouli weave with the captivating essence of oud, creating an earthy foundation. Encased in an iconic devil's horned silhouette, the red-hued bottle mirrors the chili's inspiration, transforming it into an objet d'art. ₹9,500. Available on huemn.in & olfaoriginals.com.

Arabian nights
Dubai's esteemed perfume brand, Swiss Arabian, is poised to make its debut in India. Established in 1974 in Dubai, Swiss Arabian holds the distinction of being the first perfume manufacturing company in the region. In collaboration with Swiss perfume giant Givaudan Roure, the brand has consistently delivered exquisite fragrances. We sampled the Shaghaf Oud Aswad, a captivating blend of oriental, woody oud, unveiling floral and woody notes with a hint of coveted saffron. The fragrance, enriched with rose, jasmine, patchouli, and spices, culminates in a warm and sensual finish, highlighted by the unique essence of agarwood. ₹4,299. Available on swissarabian.com

Sweet and sour
LoveChild by Masaba unveiled two distinctive fragrances, each with a bold character. We tested Meetha, which boasts an enigmatic celebration of memories offering a sweet indulgence with top notes of peach and blood orange, complemented by hints of cognac, jasmine and patchouli vanilla. The Power Petal fragrance exudes a vintage charm with hyper-floral notes, embodying grace and femininity through a blend of bergamot, tuberose and musk. These quirky scents make a bold statement, encapsulating luxury and nostalgia in unapologetically bold bottles. ₹2,200. Available on lovechild.in.

Vanilla relationship
Naso Artisanal Perfumery has recently introduced its newest collection, The Lab, seamlessly blending quality and innovation within the captivating domain of green perfumery. This enchanting series offers pocket-friendly fragrances like A Starry Night — which encapsulates the rich, velvety essence of vanilla, the lively burst of grapefruit and a harmonious interplay of amber notes. Additionally, we tried Chi — a fragrant voyage that unfolds white musk gracefully intertwined with exotic oud and sweet vanilla. ₹799. Available on nasoprofumi.com.

Fashion infusion
SOL, the fragrance brand by Indian pop sensation Zaeden reveals Unchained, the highly anticipated addition to its esteemed fragrance range. Crafted in collaboration with renowned fashion designer Siddartha Tytler, Unchained features vibrant bursts of orange, Amalfi lemon and Calabrian bergamot as top notes, complemented by Madagascar vanilla, mixed fruits, white musk and amber base notes. The packaging, inspired by Tytler's visionary designs, reflects bold colours and modern aesthetics, encapsulating his distinctive fashion journey in an irresistible and empowering aroma. ₹1,800. Available on worldofsol.in. 

Embody the spirit of spring with these new fragrance offerings.

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