Rashmika Mandanna shares her top tips for healthy, radiant skin ahead of World Bathing Day 2024

Discover Rashmika Mandanna's secret to glowing skin through her nourishing bathing regimen
Rashmika Mandanna
Rashmika Mandanna

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, we often don’t give much thought to the simple act of bathing. However, in many parts of the world, bathing has become a cherished ritual, integral to self-care and wellness. Ahead of World Bathing Day on June 22, 2024, actor and ITC Fiama brand ambassador Rashmika Mandanna urges everyone to embrace bathing as a moment of self-care, encouraging us to celebrate the time we spend with ourselves, transforming a mundane routine into a rejuvenating and joyful experience.

Rashmika’s approach to self- care starts with an indulgent bath…

For Rashmika, a good bathing routine is the first step in self-care. She says, “Even on the busiest days with endless work, I turn to an indulgent and relaxing bath to help me unwind in the best way possible. Growing up, sandalwood has been a holy grail for skincare, and I get all its natural goodness from ITC Fiama's Sandalwood Oil and Patchouli gel bathing bar. The heavenly fragrance and incredible skin-conditioning properties keep my skin supple and nourished. It rekindles the joy of bathing, transforming a simple routine into a blissful, rejuvenating escape.”

Rashmika Mandanna
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Must-haves in her bathing routine

Rashmika’s bathing ritual revolves around nourishing and pampering her skin, especially after long days on set. Alongside natural body oils and moisturisers that keep her skin hydrated and glowing, Rashmika relies on ITC Fiama Sandalwood Oil & Patchouli Shower Gel for a luxurious shower experience.

“I find solace in the calming aroma of sandalwood oil, which not only relaxes my senses but also nourishes my skin deeply. Sandalwood oil and patchouli shower gel, with its blend of sandalwood oil and patchouli, leaves my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, making it an essential part of my bathing regimen. The skin conditioners in the shower gel work their magic to give my skin a soft glow.”

One ingredient she swears by for soft and radiant skin

As most of her days are spent in front of the camera, Rashmika ensures to maintain a holistic body care and skincare routine. “In my skincare and body care routine, I prioritize natural and nourishing ingredients that promote both physical and emotional well-being,” she shares. “One ingredient that holds a special place in my regimen is sandalwood. Its calming properties not only benefit my skin but also help me unwind and relax.”

She further adds, “The aroma of sandalwood instantly evokes memories of my childhood home and my Coorgi roots. It’s remarkable how this fragrance has the power to transport me back to those cherished moments, filling my day with warmth and comfort. It’s a beautiful reminder of where I come from and the values that shape me.”

The importance of choosing the right ingredients

Rashmika emphasises the importance of selecting the right ingredients for skincare and body care, driven by her pursuit of healthy skin and overall well-being. “I started with basic skincare and body care steps and gradually incorporated more holistic practices, such as mindfulness and using natural products,” she explains. “I have also learned the significance of choosing products that contribute to a comprehensive body care routine. As I've become more attuned to my skin's unique needs and adopted a mindful approach, my routine has evolved to prioritise nourishment, simplicity, and overall wellness. It’s been a journey of growth, self-love, and discovering what truly works best for me.”

Rashmika Mandanna
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Eat, drink, sleep, glow: Rashmika’s tips for healthy, radiant skin

She emphasises how important it is for her to follow a proper routine for physical health, as taking care of oneself is crucial for maintaining a healthy skin glow. Maintaining a balanced diet, staying well-hydrated, and getting ample rest are essential for her. “I prioritise a diet rich in water and fruits, consciously steering clear of ingredients that can trigger any allergic reactions. Additionally, I refrain from consuming oily foods,” Rashmika shares. “I also try to focus on either of these - strength training, yoga, swimming, and walks, at least three days a week.”

A message to her fans on World Bathing Day

Rashmika strongly believes in embracing one's natural beauty and enveloping oneself in positivity is essential for overall well-being. “I feel, all young women out there should embrace their natural beauty. Concentrate on nurturing yourself from within, give priority to self-care, use natural ingredients in your skincare and body care routines, and envelop yourself in positivity. You are unique and beautiful just as you are,” she shares.

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