Tippler on the Roof launches a new menu with a global twist

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  07th April 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  07th April 2017 06:00 AM

Keema Puchka

Sometimes change is good, but only as long as it doesn’t alter the essence of the place. Tippler On The Roof, the popular pub in Indira Nagar, seems to have mastered this with elan. Their revamped menu, with close to 60 new dishes surely offers a lot more to choose from. But regulars to the pub will have nothing to complain about, as some of the signature dishes are retained in this new version. 

The most noticeable change is the inclusion of Global Favourites, and Naan Pizzas (in which naan is used as the pizza base). It took us a quarter-of-an-hour to go through the entire menu. 
We started our meal with the Keema puchka from the Global Favourites section. It’s a non-vegetarian version of paani puri. The puris, we are told are fried in-house and are filled with pan-fried keema, served with an Indo-Asian sauce. Flavoured with garam masala, the keema isn’t minced fine, so the meatiness is what makes this puchka worth a try. The tangy-spicy-sweet sauce pairs well with the keema. 
The Naan pizzas are perhaps the best feature on the menu. A tandoori naan is used in place of the usual pizza base. There are enough options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The Seafood Special White Naan Pizza is definitely worth trying. From the vegetarian options, Farmer’s Fantasy Naan Pizza is another hit. 

For main course, we tried the Sriracha Chicken Wrap and Stuffed Baklazhan. Flamed, grilled chicken, combined with mayo, salad, and a generous addition of Sriracha sauce makes the filling of the wrap. It’s slightly spicy, tangy and definitely delicious. 

For vegetarians, the Stuffed Baklazhan is highly recommended. An aubergine is stuffed with vegetables and topped with a dash of melted cheese. The dish, served with a tomato-based sauce, is baked to perfection.  

On the regular
We were also tempted to try The Pelmeni — Russian style chicken-pork dumplings pan-tossed in spicy salsa are served with a dipping sauce made with caramalised onions and sauvignon blanc, from their old menu. The taste of the mildly spicy meaty dumplings is enhanced with the tangy tomato-based sauce. Try it to know why it remains a favourite. 
Desserts are not included yet in the new menu. But for those who missed the weekend party, the pub has introduced the Molotov Monday. Get your favourite alcohol at less than Rs 100 only on Mondays. With so much on offer, Tippler On The Roof is definitely on our list of must-visit places.

Rs 1,300 for two. At 100ft Road, Indira Nagar. Details: 8880107107