Latest microbrewery on the block-The Hoppery

With a surprising array of beer cocktails, The Hoppery, offers a welcome respite this summer

Paulami Sen Published :  27th April 2017 04:07 PM   |   Published :   |  27th April 2017 04:07 PM


We walked down the cobbled steps leading to the familiar Olive Bistro, to see what the group’s new brewery, The Hoppery, has to offer. We looked forward to sipping on some tall and chilled options to beat the heat and surely chanced upon that and some of the most refreshing beer cocktails that the city has to offer. “We wanted to create a beer garden, a happy place, overlooking the spectacular view,” says Shaaz Mehmood, who along with his other partner, Shiraz Mirza, spearheads the team.

Shaaz Mehmood and AD Singh

Mix ‘n’ match
It isn’t every day that one gets to step in right behind the bar counter to see what it looks like from the other side. Eric Lobo, Olive Group’s Bombay-based corporate beverage head, ushered us in with great enthusiasm and started off by rustling up a beer cocktail for us. He’s the one who has developed these cocktails. The first sip of ‘The Cure,’ with two different kinds of cold-brewed coffee, a hint of white rum, Kahlua, maple syrup and Indian Pale Ale leaves you feeling instantly refreshed.After that healthy dose of caffeine that has us noticeably charged, Lobo, readies the second and the third one in quick succession – Hop Skip and Jump and The Citron. The former with ginger juice, scotch and Hyderabrew (brewed in house) was finely balanced and the latter, the beautifully blue Citron Bomb in a blue shot glass laced with orange vodka, nestled within the beer glass with dark lager tasted as good as it looked. 


The Cure

Brewed to bits
Post the beer cocktails it was time for us to taste the brewed beer handpicked by city-based brew master, Aditya Challa. The first one on the tester was the Hop Notch – which had a tinge of malt sweetness and a slight bitterness due to the added hop. The dark lager Copperhead brewed with unrefined cane sugar has a slight hint of sweetness from the caramel. The next one, White Spice is the perfect fit for the Spicy Artichoke Nacho Chips and the Grilled Shrimp with Mango Salsa in the snack menu. The Hyderabrew, a root beer, is designed to suit the palate of the beer drinker use local ingredients.  Featuring mostly finger foods, the short eats section of the menu that has a range of mouth-watering options. The Coriander Lime Chicken Tenders, Dry Fried Tender Pork Ribs with Blue Cheese or nibble on the Mini Buttered Corn Cobs are the best bets to go with the brewed beer. Kolkata-based celebrity chef Shaun Kenworthy, who curated the menu for the bar says, “Chilled beer and a platter inspired by Latin American food with chilli and spices is like a marriage made in heaven. Also, we know that Hyderabadis, like their bit of spices, hence the short eats are bound to work well.”  Apart from the brews and the lip-smacking appetisers, the scenic view of the girdle of rocks surrounding the Secret Lake, could make your day too, as you relish the former and stare outside from the glass house or the al fresco. 


Price for two: Rs 1,000 plus taxes
Details: 9248912347