Nossa Goa serves authentic fare from the coastal state

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  08th December 2017 07:09 PM   |   Published :   |  08th December 2017 07:09 PM

Tongue Roast

Those who love Goan cuisine for its simple yet exceptionally distinct flavours have reason to cheer. Earlier a delivery service, Nossa Goa is now also a quaint, casual dining restaurant that serves authentic Goan recipes that have been passed down generations. Though they set up the Nossa Goa Bakery and Bistro a few months earlier at the Catholic Club, the newly opened restaurant boasts an extensive menu and is located at the property where 38 Castle Street used to be. Once you walk in, you feel  like you are in a warm Goan home. Right  from the decor to the extensive food menu, everything spells Goa.  

Native flavours
We chose to dine in the evening, under the glowing lights, by the  balcony. We started our meal with Pedro’s Goan Chilli Fry (beef), Rissois de Camarao, Kurkuri  Vaangi, accompanied with Goan Poi and Undos. The tenderness of the beef made this  starter a favourite. The Rissois de Camarao (a signature Portuguese fried prawn dumpling) is a must-try because of the contrasting textures. The  juicy prawns with a crisp coating are best eaten with the mustard dip. From the vegetarian options, the Kurkuri Vaangi (deep-freid aubergine slices coated with a Goan spiced batter) served with yoghurt  and pomegranate pearls on the side is a good choice. Interesting to note is how the aubergine  remains intact within the coating. The texture is  soft and juicy. 

For mains, we tried the Sea-sonal Veggie Khatkhate, Tongue Roast and Kingfish Vindalho. We tried the  Veggie Khatkhate (a chickpeas curry with the  seasonal vegetable — here we had drumsticks) with the Poi and Undo. This combination makes for  perfect comfort food, considering how well the breads are baked and pair with the khatkhate  gravy. We tried the Kingfish Vindalho with sannas. The sanna s helped balance the intensely  spicy vindalho. The Tongue Roast (beef) did leave us  mighty impressed because of the fact that it wasn’t rubbery and was cooked to perfection. The pepper flavour was prominent, though  a tad bit salty. 

Dessert essentials
There’s a lot on offer in the desserts section. Do try their signature Chocolate Guava Cake. Layers of spongy chocolate cake inter-spersed with  a gauva mousse, this one is a must-try because of the unusual mix of flavours. And if you are keen  to try Goa’s special Bebinca with Home-made Coconut Ice Cream, then Nossa Goa is the place to  visit. Their eight-layered, cinnamon-flavoured bebinca is worth the trip. What makes this place special is the fact that they get their basics  right, be it the breads, curries or the desserts. It’s simple food that’s served with love.

Rs 1200++ for two. At Castle Street.