When Buhari goes the vintage route

Period dishes and heritage-inspired interiors mark Buhari’s newest branch in Kilpauk 

Karan Pillai Published :  13th June 2017 01:14 PM   |   Published :   |  13th June 2017 01:14 PM

The heritage-inspired interiors of Buhari Vintage (Pics by Romani Agarwal)

The 66-year-old brand and restaurant Buhari has always been about the biryani for us. But on the day when we reviewed the chain’s 18th branch in Kilpauk, called Buhari Vintage, we decided to go beyond the usual and instead explore their all-new additional menu here. As we sip from a wonderful bowl of creamy chicken soup filled with a generous amount of chopped almonds (they rightly call it the Buhari Special Soup), we congratulate ourselves on that decision even as franchise manager Thamim Ansar informs us, “We decided to go back in time and pay ode to ancient architecture as well as some of our most popular signature dishes, including our special Chicken 65, that was an instant hit when Buhari first opened its doors in the city.” As he shared this information, we observed the impressive filigree-patterned walls and antique lamps that hung overhead.




Soon we are served starters that included chicken kebabs and shredded lamb. The former is rather bland and the latter a tad chewy — clearly no match to the deliciousness of the preceding soup that we had an extra helping of.  However, an old favourite, a plateful of Chicken 65 brings back the winning streak at the table. We are informed that this one follows a special recipe inspired from the 1930s. The meat is delightfully tender, boasting a mildly crisp and flavoursome crust. 



The tawa prawn keeps us pleasantly engaged till it is time for the desserts. The caramel pudding had a fair taste of toffee while the special falooda, a five-layered drink with ice cream, jelly cubes, vermicelli and topped with wafer sticks, lent the perfect ending to a heavy lunch on a hot summer day.  

Around Rs. 800 for two. Details: 044 65556162