52 Wall Street is Bengaluru’s newest bar stock exchange

The newest bar stock exchange in Koramangala

Anagha M Published :  16th June 2017 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  16th June 2017 07:00 AM

Bar stock exchanges are all the rage in Benga-luru currently, and the newest one joining the ranks is 52 Wall Street on Koramangala’s busy 60-feet-road. At this pub, the prices of the drinks as well as the food options are regulated by a stock market software. Their in-house app also has a trading feature, where you can follow the prices while you are at home or office and buy the drinks when the stocks are low. The bar launched with a happening party last week, and we paid a visit soon after to give it a try.

The bar menu has some signature cocktails under the section #OccupyWallStreet. We recommend the Apricot Passion, a refreshing mix of gin, apricot jam, and fruity flavours. The Mind Cooler is made of gin and khus syrup, and is the perfect summer drink. Other drinks we sampled include the Absolut Stress, (dark rum and vodka) and the Screwed (their take on the screwdriver). Their shooters have options such as Sweet Pan Shots (vodka), Mexican Trader and Reindeer (both tequila-based). 

Bite sized
The starters section has bar eats that go well with their cocktails. We were served the Chilli paneer first. While most bars do this old favourite, the extra soft paneer set the dish apart. The Schezwan chilli chicken was the usual, but well made. Although most people would not order a salad at a bar, we tried the Chickpea and cucumber salad. The spicy dressing makes it great pub grub. The Chicken tikka salad was made with succulent chicken cubes and fresh greens.

The main course section has some classics, but with their own twists. The Paneer butter masala and the Butter chicken, for example, are served in a hollowed out loaf of bread, like the South African Bunny Chow. Creamy and rich, the gravy seeps into the bread and makes it great to nibble on. Some of the signature dishes on the menu are the Wall Street Buffalo Wings, tossed in their in-house sauce, Kimchi Pork Belly and the Southern American dish — Buttermilk-fried chicken with Benedict waffles. Overall, 52 Wall Street promises a fun Saturday night for its patrons, with a few ups and downs.

Rs.1,000 for two. At Koramangala. Details: 9972410052