Huber & Holly makes its way to Hyderabad with a host of quirky flavours

Ahmedabad-based ice cream brand, Huber & Holly, is the latest dessert boutique in Hyderabad with about 30 toppings. 

Paulami Sen Published :  17th November 2017 02:32 PM   |   Published :   |  17th November 2017 02:32 PM

The Mighty Midas

Fancy having a spoonful of ice cream laced with 24-carat gold. Sounds decadent, right? Eager to sample such exquisite artisanal desserts, we make our way to the newly unveiled Huber & Holly by Havmor ice cream last week. The aroma of freshly churned Belgian Chocolate wafting through the air draws you in, just as the temptress Circe might have lured Odysseus’ men. However, there is no deceit involved here as this ice cream boutique promises to satiate your sweet tooth with pure milk ice creams and freshest of eggless desserts, without any premixes or even gelatin. This is their second outlet in the country, the first one being in Ahmedabad. 

Ice cream pastries on display

The Midas touch
As we had heard quite a bit about their extravagant Mighty Midas (priced at `1,000), we go over to the kiosk, hoping to know more about it. We learn that about 18 components go into its making – brownies, caramelised almonds, nutty praline, rocher balls, hot fudge, Belgian Dark Chocolate and hazelnut chocolate. Raspberry rose sorbet macaroon and a hint of passion fruit keeps the sweet quotient within limits. Finally, it is infused with a 24-carat gold foil. Phew, that is a long list! Gayatri Chona, the founder of Huber and Holly says, “The idea was to give our artisanal ice cream a twist. During one of my travels abroad, I came across the concept of billionaire’s ice cream. With gold in it, Mighty Midas, one could say is a billionaire’s ice cream.” 

Top it up
The customers can create their own ice creams by choosing from more than a dozen flavours and 30 toppings. Everything from the ice cream to the waffle cones and toppings is made in-house. Shrinivas Deokar, the sous chef says, “Some of the flavours have been created just for Hyderabad like Irani Chai Latte, Fruit Punch and Persian Bastani.” Among others that you could give a shot are Golden Chocolate and Raspberry Rose Sorbet. Their Persian Bastani (developed specially for the city) has saffron, nuts and a hint of rose. This one is likely to be a winner.  

Let there be cake
Post the sampling session, we tried our first ice cream pastry, Hazelnut Rocher. This handcrafted dessert made of roasted hazelnut, chantilly cream and nutty praline within is a total melt-in-the-mouth affair. Belgian chocolate lovers must try the Truffle-Oh!

Truffle Oh!

This cake with a sprinkle of gold dust has a subtle shine.  The Strawberry Bombshell with a gingerbread base not only looked appealing but also tasted just as good.

Strawberry Bombshell

Just when the sugar rush became slightly overwhelming, the Avocado Cilantro Pizza arrived.

Avocado Cilantro Pizza

This thin crust pizza with sliced avocados and cilantro gave just the tangy respite we were waiting for. This meal was unusual – we started this meal with desserts and ended with pizza. But we surely relished every bit of it!

Price for two: Rs.400. Details: 888623-55571


Pics: Sathya Keerthi