Innovative salads and unique recipes are what The Well Dressed Greens promises

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Anagha M Published :  02nd February 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  02nd February 2018 06:00 AM

The Well Dressed Greens


The Well Dressed Greens sits right by the busy Sony World Junction in Koramangala. As the name suggests, the restaurant is a salad bar with a focus on lesser known recipes. Wanting to start our week on a healthy note, we visited on a bright Monday morning. Unfortunately, the service and the food left us disappointed. We ordered the Coffee Breakfast Smoothie first. High on caffeine, this one is packed with banana, cocoa, oats, date syrup and nut milk. The Pumpkin Pie Smoothie was also well received on the table. It was made with pumpkin puree, banana, nut milk, spices, corn flakes and honey. However our favourite was the Apple Pie Smoothie — a simple concoction of apples, cinnamon, oats almonds and nut milk. 

We were looking forward to trying the Pita Pockets. But were sorely disappointed when we were informed (fifteen minutes after placing our order) that they had no pita. So we dove straight into our salads, after a long wait. We tried one from the seasonal fruit-based salad section — the Caramelised Pineapple Salad. While the spicy roasted peanut dressing was lip smacking, we were not too imp-ressed with the pineapples and carrots, which were far from fresh.

We had our eyes on the Avocado and Chicken Salad, but since it is not avocado season, we opted instead for the Malabar Broccoli Salad. The innovative salad had haricot beans, caramelised onions along with coconut and curry leaves for a coastal twist. We enjoyed the Indian flavours, but found it a tad too salty. 
Next on the table was the Triple Bean Power Salad. With chickpeas, kidney beans, bell peppers, feta 
and olives, this was a protein packed number. We also asked for a portion of bamboo rice on the side. Sourced from Wayanad, the grains were textural and the dish was scrumptious. The last salad we tried was Squash Salad. The warm roasted squash was comforting and paired well with the millets, scallions and raisins along with the date balsamic dressing. 

While the location and the distinctive salad recipes are certainly plus points, the restaurant needs to work on providing better service and quality. 

Rs. 800 for two. 
At Koramangala