Make this Valentine’s Day special with these gifting ideas

Nothing can bring people together quite like good food can. These food-related ideas for V-day will definitely earn you some brownie points 

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Breakfast in bed?

Breakfast in bed?

There’s something about Valentine's Day that makes your heart skip a beat. We are all suckers for romance at some point. Whether it’s the typical flower bouquet or a heart-shaped box of chocolates, admit it, you love it. While it also depends on who gives it to you, here’s your chance to knock the socks off your loved one by being a little less predictable. Most of the time, it’s the little things that count; but life is made up of memories, and memories live on forever.

From Julie to Julia, to Ratatouille to Chef, food has always a played a pivotal role in love stories. There is a saying that the best way to one's heart is through the stomach and this could is actually true. The best thing about food is that it is a universal language that speaks not only to our romantic partner but to all of our loved ones. It's a fact that nothing can bring people together quite like good food can.

Here’s five excellent food-related Valentine's day gifts that you can whip up for your dear one:

A cozy breakfast in bed

There’s no better way to kick-start your day but with some amazing breakfast, especially on Valentine’s day morning. If you have never taken the initiative to wake up early in the morning and make a surprising breakfast for your better half, then this is the opportune moment for you to do so. It's not necessary to go overboard and make a super fancy breakfast. Instead, a simple healthy and hearty breakfast will do the magic. Always remember one thing; it's your thought and efforts that really count. You can actually make some homemade muffins, toasts, granolas, smoothies and crepes. Brownie points if you can make one of these in the shape of a heart!

All the sweet desserts

It's time to sweeten your Valentine's day with decadent and mouthwatering desserts.  No matter which dessert it is, whether it is a glazed Valentine's Day cookie or sweet berry pies, love is always overloaded with these decadent sweet desserts.

Give your loved one a homemade chocolate treat

Instead of following a conventional way of giving your love a box of chocolates, how about going for a homemade chocolate making venture for the love of your life? You should bring your special person to experience what chocolate heaven is. This sweet effort can actually make this Valentine's Day ever memorable.

An adorable meal package

If your better half is not a big fan of sweet treats, then you can actually surprise him/her with a nicely prepared and decorated home-packed meal filled with plain rice, fish, and meat and you should decorate it with pickled or cooked vegetables. Your beloved one would not only appreciate the great taste of your handmade foods but also appreciate the great effort that you have put in.