Two 21-year-olds want to help fight diabetes with naturopathy recipes in hip urban packaging

The Raw Habit is entirely vegan and will soon expand from juices to salads and smoothie bowls 

Sonali Shenoy Published :  06th July 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  06th July 2018 06:00 AM

Here's a juice subscription to consider if you’re diabetic. Aswin Narayan and Udit Dhariwal’s The Raw Habit will soon be serving up 70 ml wellness shots to relieve specific ailments, including kidney stones and uneasy digestion. The recipes that have been curated by Udit along with his mother, a naturopath who practises at Kayakalp, a nature cure centre in Vellore, promise cold-pressed powerhouses of natural remedies “like bitter gourd and neem for diabetes ” by the end of the month, says Udit.

Udit Dhariwal

Kale & hearty
The founders of the two-week-old venture are all of 21. And interestingly enough, got to evolving the business idea at their daily Chart-ered Accoun-tancy class. “It took six months of R&D to come up our menu,” recalls Aswin. Apart from bootstrapping and setting aside time for articleships, their biggest challenge was as Aswin calls it “hitting the right the chord between healthy and tasty.” To this end, they’ve nailed the flavouring with their Evergreen juice. Although a blend of kale, spinach, celery and parsley (all things green) — what you do end up tasting are the gentle notes of watermelon with the minty aftertaste of basil. The apple in the mix we couldn’t find to be honest.   


Expect 18 flavour choices available under categories like juices, smoothies, nut milks and the aforementioned wellness shots. “Right now we have 11 items available from the 18. What we’re doing is building excitement and momentum as we go, by launching a new flavour each week,” Udit explains. 

Eco route
Whipped up fresh upon daily or subscription orders by a team of three chefs, our favourites include the  Immunity (carrots and orange with a hit of ginger) and the creamy Almond Mylk with a dash of cinnamon for flavouring and sweetened naturally with dates. Perhaps what sets this brand apart from those already established in the same niche like Raw Pressery, Caboutu and the Smoothie Bar is the entirely vegan menu and sustainable packaging. “We refuse straws, serve only in glass bottles and deliver orders in cloth bags,” says Udit.  

Juices and almond milk  (315 ml) Rs 150, smoothies (315 ml)  Rs 180, wellness shots (70 ml, pack of three) Rs 160.  Juice cleanse Rs 1,200 approx per day. |@brightasunshine