Bengaluru Brasserie offers world cuisine with a focus on locally sourced ingredients

The poolside venue is perfect for a date or a quiet evening with friends

Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo Published :  01st June 2018 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  01st June 2018 12:00 AM

According to Chef Naresh Kumar of Hyatt Centric MG Road Bengaluru, their newly opened restaurant, Bengaluru Brasserie is meant to be a soul food destination. The interiors, decidedly Bengaluru, with plenty of sunlight, lots of greenery, exposed red brick walls and sage green suede sofas coupled with the pool area right by the al fresco section, did do a lot to soothe our souls. So when they tell us about their food, we can’t help but believe them. 

Barely two weeks old, the menu boasts a host of dishes borrowed from across the world and given a local twist to keep everyone interested. Our tasting started with some of their signature cock-tails, whose names are enough to make you love them. Take the Sakath, for instance. Made with whisky, angostura, salted caramel and dehydrated orange, this drink is a decadent treat without being too sweet. Bulbul — white rum, pineapple, sage, angostura, elderflower infusion and lime, is another drink that we enjoyed thanks to the perfect balance of sweet and bitter notes. An antidote to the stifling heat, Chill Maadi is also highly recommended. It is a blend of gin, cucumber, dill leaves and lime.

The ingredients are all locally sourced from organic and free range farms, so expectations were high. The Boiled Waterchestnut Dumplings were beautifully encased in a green wrapper and the filling was crunchy and well seasoned. However, they paled in comparison to the Prawn Dumplings. The silky casing of the dumpling was tossed in a dressing made with rice vinegar, light soya sauce and honey, and garnished with fresh red chillies. The punchy sauce paired with the perfectly cooked prawn is enough to bring you back to this restaurant. 

Promising both aroma and taste, the Chicken and Coconut Spring Rolls are stuffed with fried coconut and chicken, offering you unadulterated coastal flavours. Crispy and golden, this dish is definitely moreish. Orzotto al Verde, a risotto made with barley is mildly flavoured, and we enjoyed the crushed peas and the richness lent to it from the mascarpone cheese. The Grilled Fish (sea bass) with Karnataka avocado is ideal for a hot day. 

The baked fish is served with cubes of fresh avocado, cherry tomatoes and herbs. Giving our meal a fitting ending, was the Rasmalai Cheesecake. We loved that the flavours of the rasmalai (which was embedded in the cake) were not lost in the richness of the cheese, and neither did the Indian dessert’s sweetness overpower the delicate flavour of the mascarpone cheese, the cake was made with. 

With its ceiling-to-floor windows, elegant poolside dining and farm fresh produce, this restaurant is a great place for informal gatherings, date nights and food obsessives looking for a place where the focus is on the food, and not on theatrics.

Rs.2,000 for two. At Trinity Circle