Enjoy fresh coffee straight from the roasting machine at The Roastery Coffee House 

This coffee house is the only speciality Indian coffee roaster in Hyderabad. 

Paulami Sen Published :  09th March 2018 03:45 PM   |   Published :   |  09th March 2018 03:45 PM

The Roastery Coffee House

If you happen to walk into The Roastery Coffee House, Banjara Hills, the aroma of the freshly grounded beans wafting in the premises will lead you to the founder Nishant Sinha and his newly installed roasting machine. This gourmet café is the only speciality Indian coffee roaster in the city and that’s in sync with the idea of artisanal coffee or what he refers to it as the ‘third wave’.

Nishant at work

When we spoke to him last year, he talked about installing the machine which is now in place. “It’s about picking the right coffee, be it Malabar or Bhadrapura, and roasting it to the optimum level and then brewing it with exact technique,” he informs. He adds, “At Roastery Coffee House we pick-up the speciality coffee from Indian farmers”. Also, a new menu has been introduced to allow the apt pairing of appetisers and entrée with coffee. “I decided to come up with a menu which makes the lives of the diners easy in terms of choosing the correct food with their favourite coffee,” says the founder.

Coffee with Cherry Tomato Buffalo Mozzarella Bruschetta

According to his advice, we paired our Pomegranate Cold Brew with the Cherry Tomato Buffalo Mozzarella Bruschetta because it is less acidic in nature. It is a complete no-no to pair a pour over or a cappuccino with spicy or tangy food. Milk coffees, like cappuccino, should be paired with sandwich and breakfast.

When you pair your pour over with spicy food you are bound to lose the taste of coffee due to the high acidic content of both, we are told. With that, we end our meal and went back home with some coffee trivia with us as a valuable takeaway!

Price for two: Rs.700. 

Pics: R Satish Babu