Dugout Cafe offers folks in the city delicious treats and a place to hang out with their furry friends

Situated away from the main Avinashi road, this hidden gem lies within the premises of Coimbatore’s largest multi-sports arena, Area 641

Rebecca Vargese Published :  28th September 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  28th September 2018 06:00 AM
Dugout Cafes Coimbatore

Dugout Cafes

Is it a cookie? Is it a waffle? Or is it a cross between the two? While we may never be able to decide upon the true nature of the British butter cookie tasting Dutch Stroopwafel, its introduction comes to us from the kitchens of one of the newest cafe’s in the city, Dugout Café. Set up by friends Prashanth DS, Abirami Subramaniam and Priyanka Dharmakumar, this month-old joint finds its origin stories in the unlikeliest of places — a gaming centre. “It’s funny when you think of it. Customers coming to a gaming arcade to buy brownies and vanilla sponge cake,” begins Prashanth DS, co-founder of the gaming centre Battlegrounds. Turning the traction that they were gaining into a business model, the three decided to start a restaurant that showcased the best of their culinary skills, while offering the city a concept that it had not yet forayed into, a pet-friendly café .  

Abirami Subramaniam, Priyanka Dharmakumar and Prashanth DS

Action packed

Situated away from the main Avinashi road, this hidden gem lies within the premises of Coimbatore’s largest multi-sports arena, Area 641. Walking along the winding path that leads to the entrance of the café, our sights fall on the warning signage that reads: look out for balls, squirrels and flying UFOs. Before we have the chance to wonder why, we find out the hard way as a stray frisbee whizzes past our faces. Quickly ducking for cover, we scramble into the 500 sq feet café.

What is striking about Dugout Café is its interiors. It’s high ceilings, chocolate coloured walls, shabby chic furniture and a giant glass window that offers unfettered viewing access of the football fields offer customers an experience of what courtside seats are like. “The idea was to create a sports café where people could come and watch a live game or cool down after a match,” says Priyanka, pointing to the window. 


Dark temptation

Taking our seat by the window, we notice the menu offers a sizeable selection of sandwiches, milkshakes and fruit beverages apart from the freshly baked goodies that are the forte of Le Cordon Bleu graduate, Abirami. While all eyes are on the famed brownies that spurred the ideation of Dugout, the first thing to arrive at the table is a plate of cheese poppers. Creamy and crispy at the same time as they ought to be, the sides are nothing to write home about. But then comes the fanfare: a paneer sandwich, accompanied by a mason jar of chocolate brownie milkshake and a classic chocolate tart. Layered with scrambled paneer, cheese, veggies and what tastes like pizza sauce, this sandwich wins us over instantly. While the milkshake is rich and decadent with biteable bits of brownies in it, the tart is the hero. Though chocolatey all over, this dessert manages to balance flavours between sweet and bitter perfectly and satiates all our cocoa cravings. Looks like the famed fudgey brownies will have to wait for another day. 

Rs 400 approximately for two. From 11 am to 11 pm.