All new Boom Cafe- for a culinary explosion

From sizzlers and pastas to brownies and pastries, the new Boom Café has got the nod from the city’s foodies
All new Boom Cafe- for a culinary explosion

Loud pop music, floating crowd, semi open kitchen – are features that give the all new Boom café an easy vibe that is perfect for a resto café. The interiors are cozy with woodwork, while diners seem to be drawn to the al fresco space on the top floor. We are greeted by Vishnu Raja and Vijay Kumar, partners of the café.  “We opted for wooden benches because they can be easily moved and rearranged for a party or gathering that needs more space,” says Vijay. The duo admits that their days are surprisingly busier than their nights. While their breakfasts and brunches are obviously popular, many regulars are there for the Boom Café special sizzlers for lunch.

As I settle in, I’m given refreshing water infused with cucumber and mint along with potato wedges - the complimentary dish every customer gets. Vijay recommends the Salsa Toast Ada, and adds that, “we call it pizza on bread,” as he hands me the dish which comprises toasted bread with chicken and vegetables topped with salsa sauce and cheese. Yet another starter, Champignon

fritters is crumb fried button mushroom stuffed with cheese that oozes out on your first bite. The grilled Masala Sausages that is flavoursome with Indian spices served with peri peri sauce competes with the fast moving barbeque chicken wings for attention. As I tried the Sizzling Chicken, the marinated chicken breasts cooked to perfection served on a hot plate with extra brown sauce, buttered rice, fried vegetables and mashed potato sides, I concede this is the star of the menu. And if you are craving pasta, I suggest you try Pasta Al Creama Veg, which has herb sauce and vegetables or Pasta Arrabiata chicken with chicken and arrabiata sauce and if you cannot decide between the two, they will get you a delightful combination of both.

For dessert, you have sizzling brownies and cheese cakes to choose from. However if you are going there next week, try their delectable range of pastries that is not in the menu yet, but which I got to sample. While the coffee, the almond, the peanut butter and the chocolate pastry were delightful, the raspberry and pistachio cake layered with chocolate was the ultimate indulgence.

Details: 7373731515

Average price for two- Rs. 300.

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