Thin crust pizzas, giant burgers and mock beer on offer at Hidden Fork

Peelamedu gets a new pizzeria and bistro
Hidden Fork
Hidden Fork

There is only one thing you need to leave at the door when you walk into the Hidden Fork; all hopes of maintaining any form of burger etiquette. Because when you have a ginormous burger in front of you, things tend to get a little messy, and delightfully so. 

Drink up me hearties

What we love about the week-old bistro and pizzeria, Hidden Fork, is that while its menu offers the comfort of the quintessential burgers and sandwiches, owners Mohammed Rameez Raja and Sathya Prabhu have gotten one thing right - the perfect burger deserves the perfect drink. Enter the mock beer. Devoid of the foam collar, this signature drink smells like beer, looks like beer and almost tastes like it, with the exception that there is no bitter undertone to balance out the sweetness. 

The Ultimate (Hidden Fork Special) burger is the first to arrive. Breaded and then deep fried, the crunch of the golden patty is offset by the succulent juiciness of the meat. Topped off with crumb fried chicken, smoked chicken sausages, a fried egg and served with the restaurant's secret mayo and sauce, every bite is a medley of different flavours and textures. It is safe to say calorie counting should not be attempted while dealing with such deliciousness. 

Awesome sauce

Competing head-to-head with one of the city’s favourite burger and submarine sandwich joints - Leiden, which by far has the best mayo dressing, Hidden Fork is located right next door to its rival. Incidentally, co-owner, Rameez Raja shares with us that his menu attempts to one-up the competition. “I went to college at the PSG Institution of Management and was a regular at Leiden. Their burgers and sauces are the benchmarks to beat.” We nod in reminiscent agreement as we tuck into the spicy chicken thin crust pizza. Fortunately for us, a hit of spice from the sriracha mayo jolts us back to the reality of the turquoise, grey and yellow interiors of this 1,800 sq ft bistro. This 26 seater is bright yet cosy with burger inspired art work, and an entire wall dedicated to a ‘Guidemap to ordering at Hidden Fork’ and bright sunshine yellow cushion seats that are a tad too low for the table.

While Hidden Fork is certainly a meat lover’s paradise with its Honey Chicken wings, mutton burgers and peri peri chicken hot dogs, vegetarians can look forward to the Tomato Caprese that comes with a generous amount of cheesy goodness and BBQ sriracha mushrooms.

Rs 350 meal for two. At Hidden Fork, Near PSGR Krishnammal College. Details: 9894453070

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