Kobe Sizzlers Hyderabad packs in a punch with their signature sizzlers

This newly opened outlet in Jubilee Hills is set to have the attention of the foodies across the city.
Kobe Sizzlers Hyderabad packs in a punch with their signature sizzlers

There’s something deeply comforting about digging into a sizzler on a rainy day. The smoke, the scrumptious veggies, the colourful garnishing is not only a vision in itself but pleases one’s palate as well. Kobe Sizzlers, known for serving such lip-smacking sizzlers has opened its doors to Hyderabadis almost a month ago and we couldn’t wait to try them.

Mumbai to Hyderabad
This Mumbai-based chain was established in 1975 and now has 29 branches all over the world. “I have been eating at Kobe since I was a kid, so my wife and I decided to open up a branch here,” says Suhail Mukadam, who owns the Hyderabad franchise along with wife Rachana. The eatery has a homely feel, with chandeliers adding to an old world appeal to the otherwise edgy interiors with blackboards and minimalist furniture that remind you of an all-American diner.

Crab it
We start our lunch with the Spicy Crab Meat Soup, which is thick and cooked in hot sauce. The garlic flavour seems a tad overpowering, but, it works in stirring up your appetite and keeping you warm in this stormy weather.

Spicy Crab Meat Soup
Spicy Crab Meat Soup

The appetiser that we choose to try is the Dragon Chicken – shredded chicken which is more on the sweeter side and garnished with cashew nuts is one of the surprises in the menu. No one can just have a single helping of it, so we ask for more!

Dragon Chicken
Dragon Chicken

Smoke and sizzle
As we take a sit, Suhail tells us that he asked for one of the oldest Kobe chefs to be moved to Hyderabad, so that the consistency of the sauces remain intact – after all it is the sauces that make or break a sizzler platter. As the sizzler arrives amidst a fog of smoke, we are offered a choice of rice or noodles, mashed potatoes or fried. We opt for the Exotic Vegetable Sizzler served with rice and potato wedges as sides, besides mushrooms and broccoli doused in garlic sauce. With the generous portions, along with the wholesomeness of the vegetables and the flavourful sauce, thi s dish could serve two diners. At last, the waiters serve the Chicken Shashlik sizzler which is the Kobe signature dish. Chunks of boneless chicken, cooked on a skewer served with rice and garlic sauce with grilled carrots and beans tastes as good as it looks. Got a sweet tooth? Finish your meal with their Sizzling Brownie, warm, gooey and decadent in every bite.

Price for two:  Rs.900 ++
Details: 8639306976

Pics: Sayantan Ghosh



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